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Call a 24 Hour Electrician If You Have Any Of These Issues

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Electrical problems can cause a huge inconvenience and discomfort for every homeowner. But while it can be tempting to try and fix it on your own, most electrical issues require the services of professionals. And if you have a more urgent matter in your hands, you may need to act faster and call for a 24-hour electrician.

See, some problems are too serious that waiting any longer can put you and your family in danger. Moreover, these problems can lead to bigger and costlier problems in the future if left unsolved. So if you notice any of these issues, seek an emergency electrician immediately.

But what exactly are these major issues that require you to call a 24-hour electrician? Here’s a guide to help you.

1. Power Goes Out

If the power at your house goes out but your neighbour still has, this can mean that you have an electrical problem at home. In this case, you need to call a 24 hour emergency electrician in Sunshine Coast area to restore power and find the root cause of the problem. This is important so you can determine whether you have a minor or a major issue in your hands. For example, if it turns out that you have problems with your wiring or your circuit breaker is failing, an electrician can help you prevent bigger damages in the future.

2. Smoke Coming Out of an Outlet

Do you see smoke coming out of an electrical outlet, or do you notice any wisps of smoke from a device or appliance you have just plugged in? If yes, contact a licensed electrician immediately. Smoke coming out of an outlet is a serious issue that can lead to a fire. Thus, you need to deal with it urgently.

Smoke from an outlet can be caused by faulty wiring, loose plug connections, or overloading. It may also be due to the presence of dirt or dust in the outlet. All these can be risky, and you need an expert to determine the problem and apply the necessary solution.

3. Buzzing or Zapping Sound

A buzzing or zapping sound every time you turn on a switch or plug in an appliance can be an indication of a serious matter. These sounds are not normal, and they may mean that you have issues with your circuit or wiring. So once you notice them, make sure to call your trusted emergency electrician right away.

4. Burning Smell From an Outlet

If you notice a burning smell coming from an outlet, you have to call an electrician quickly. This can be an indication that your outlet is overheating – which can then lead to a fire.

5. Large Sparks

While small sparks are normal if you plug in some appliances to an outlet, large sparks that last more than a second are a different story. These sparks are abnormal, and they can be signs of an outlet overloading or improper installation. They may also mean that you have faulty wiring. So to determine the problem that’s causing such large sparks, and prevent a more dangerous situation, make sure to contact a 24-hour electrician as soon as you can.

6. Warm Switches

If your light switches feel warm to the touch, this can be a sign of an electrical fault. Similarly, if an electrical appliance feels warm even if you didn’t use it, you may be having an electrical problem. So if you notice such instances, call a licensed electrician immediately.

Now there you have it. If you notice any of these electrical issues, make sure to contact a licensed and qualified 24-hour electrician. If you are looking for one in Sydney, you can contact Electrician To The Rescue at (02) 8729 0771. They are available every day of the week, even on public holidays.


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