Custom Deck Railing Ideas: 6 Materials to Choose From When Constructing Deck Railings

December 1, 2020

The backyard deck is a great area to extend the interior design personality of your home. The deck railings are the “walls” of this area so it is only right to think about what material best suits this part. Not only does it provide safety for kids and adults alike, but it also defines the space of the room. There are a lot of materials to choose from to create aesthetics that will match the design of the entire house. Sometimes even if you use the same material for the base of the railings, the finished products can still have two distinct looks depending on the design and the finish used. Check out these custom deck railing ideas.

This ultimate deck railing idea guide will help you weigh the options available to find the one suitable for your deck.

Composite Deck Railing

A composite deck is one of the most popular choices for outdoor railing purposes because of the huge benefits that it offers. The composition and durability of the material do not require too much maintenance and it sure does hold up regardless of the harsh weather conditions. It is made out of a mix of wood particles like mulch and sawdust, and plastic. They are combined to make a set of boards that creates a decking material that does not require too much maintenance and can withstand natural weather elements with composite decking boards setting up a design of your house can be a unique choice. To find the perfect decking materials you need to see some examples of decking design that will help you to make the best design and plan with your budget.

However, just like any other product, this one has also a few disadvantages. When a composite deck is damaged, you cannot repair or restore it to its original form, unlike traditional wood. You would need to replace the whole composite board when this happens.

Another drawback of using this deck type is the limited color option. However, since more and more homeowners choose this for their homes, companies have been working nonstop to provide more colors that look a lot like natural wood.

Wood Deck Railing

If you’re aiming for a more traditional look, you should opt for wood. This is one of the most popular choices for decks and deck railings. This material is highly customizable. When various species of wood are partnered with distinct finishes, the designs that it will produce can be completely different from each other. However, these different combinations will generate distinct costs too.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is the most preferred choice by designers when doing outdoor wood projects. This is treated for this specific reason and for it to stand against extra moisture as a result of long periods of outdoor exposure. It is so accessible and it is present in any home improvement department store. Aside from that, this material is perfect for those who are looking for a non-expensive material. These two main advantages of using this material are the main reasons why many homeowners love it.

This material can be shaped, stained, or painted to match your pre-existing design at home. This kind of wood is more porous compared to its counterparts. This makes it easier to apply finish to match your deck’s style.


For those who are looking for a naturally durable solution, cedar is for you. This is perfect for those who are looking to keep the original look of natural wood on their deck railing design. This variation of hardwood is naturally pest and rot-resistant. This means that it can stay in its original state without exerting too much effort in maintaining it. But of course, a cedar deck railing can still be stained or sealed.

Although it doesn’t need too much maintenance, you are not completely safe from maintenance costs. This type of material needs to be treated every other year. When compared to a typical pressure-treated wood, this one here lasts way longer. This is one of the great custom deck railing ideas.

Traditional Deck Railing

This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about a traditional deck railing. A straight post deck is the most common type of deck used in almost every home. This is because it works well with all home styles.

While this type of deck is unattractive for those who are looking to try a trendier approach, this deck railing may be altered and customized according to your preferences. With the use of different wood types, stains, and paints, you can create a traditional deck railing style. These would be a valuable addition to your home’s exterior design.

Metal Deck Railing

There are just some homeowners who would like to go on a completely different road. This is very true when it comes to their deck railings. Metal railing in decks and balconies have become a more popular option in contemporary and industrial themed homes. They also work well with your metal deck gate if you’re planning to take the design to the next level.

While the ones mentioned above are the most common looks that complement the use of metal railings, this durable material also works harmoniously with a farmhouse conversion or a Victorian-style home. While wood railings can be combined to produce great results, different metals don’t go well when mixed together.

I hope you liked these custom deck railing ideas. Read more articles at our homepage.


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One comment on “Custom Deck Railing Ideas: 6 Materials to Choose From When Constructing Deck Railings”

  1. Thanks for these ideas on balcony railings and how it could it could be preferably made from metal for it to be strong and long-lasting. I’m looking this up since we are renovating our patio for the summer. I might just find more rail designs online to get a better idea.

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