Garage Organization: 6 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

December 30, 2020

Is your garage starting to feel too cluttered and disorganized? Well, you’re not alone. A whopping 25% of Americans report having a clutter problem these days.

It’s no surprise either. That same source notes how the average house contains more than 300,000 items. A degree of disorder’s to be expected when you’ve accumulated so much stuff, and garages tend to suffer most!

After all, this is where most people store their old, unwanted, and little-used possessions. You can stow everything away, close the door and forget about it. Sooner or later, though, garage organization is going to become a problem.

Are you at that point and want some help getting it reorganized and under control? You’re in the right place! Keep reading for our 6 top tips on how to organize your garage with ease.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Our first key piece of advice isn’t so much about the garage as it is about your schedule. It comes down to this: never underestimate how long it’ll take to organize this space!

Trust us, you need sufficient time (and willpower) to get this particular job done. We recommend setting aside at least one full day to devote to the task. Any less and you’re sure to burn out, get frustrated, or leave it half-finished.

By comparison, giving yourself enough time means you can do a thorough organizational job. You won’t have to rush or cut corners. Heck, you might even enjoy the process of sorting through your things and finding clever ways to store it all.

2. Start Sorting

The first practical step to organizing your garage is to sort through everything inside it. Try waiting for a fine-weather day to get started though. With the sun shining, you’ll be able to take everything off the shelves and out onto your drive (without worrying about it getting wet).

You’ll empty the garage, see everything laid out in front of you, and find it easier to sort through as a result. Now, the ultimate goal of this step is to identify the items you want to keep. To succeed, you should separate your stuff into piles: keep, sell, donate, and dump.

Anything broken, outdated, unusable, or outgrown should be tossed. Anything in good condition that you no longer want should be sold or donated. Anything remaining will go back into your garage!

3. Plan It Out

At this stage, you’ll have uncluttered the space and decided what you’re going to keep. The next step is putting together your garage organization plans.

Remember, failing to plan is like planning to fail. Having a clear idea of where your items will go and how you’re going to store it all will be a major help. With any luck, it’ll stop the space from ever entering the same level of disarray again.

Think about the available floor space, the current storage options in place (shelves, racks, boxes, etcetera), and always consider where you’ll park the car. This should make it easier to assign each item to logical areas of the garage.

4. Purchase New Storage Items

The idea of buying more stuff might seem backward when you’re trying to remove clutter. However, purchasing new garage storage systems can make an almighty difference.

For example, pegboards, shelving units, lockable cabinets, or things like this basket tray can be invaluable. They enable you to stow your possessions in a safe, secure, and accessible manner. That’s a big deal when you’re used to everything laying around in random, disorganized piles!

Put some thought into the storage systems your garage could benefit from. Anything that keeps similar items in one place and out of the way is sure to prove useful.

5. Store Items off the Ground

The walls of your garage are prime real estate when it comes to organizing the space. After all, by storing your stuff in a vertical fashion, you’ll free-up significant amounts of room on the floor! This is of particular value in smaller garages where space is in short supply.

That’s why we recommend finding ways to stow your items off the ground whenever you can. Once again, cabinets, shelves, racks, and pegboards are perfect for the task. You’ll be able to stack items above each other, creating a more open and orderly garage.

An added benefit of taking this organizational step pertains to cleanliness. With everything up high, you’ll find it far easier to sweep the floor and rid it of the dust that’s sure to accumulate. The garage space will look better and you’re less likely to attract pests as a result.

6. Leverage Ceiling Space

This point relates to the last. Your walls are all important, but don’t forget to look upwards in your bid to free up floor space! There’s a good chance you’ll find plenty of possible storage opportunities there too.

It doesn’t have to be purpose-built either. For example, you could place long and heavy items across wooden roof beams, or hang seasonable sports equipment from them. Likewise, you could install some hanging baskets for storing smaller items.

Be careful though. The last thing you want is to put anything overhead that’ll impinge on the garage door system. Always double-check there’s enough room and that nothing will be adversely affected.

Don’t Forget These Garage Organization Tips

Millions of Americans around the country own more stuff than they really need. The result? Their garages (AKA the go-to place in their houses to store things) are overflowing and in disarray!

Finding the time and inclination to sort through, unclutter, and organize it all can be a challenge. Know the struggle? Well, we hope the garage organization tips in this post will help.

Keep them in mind (and put them into practice) and your garage will be in much better order in no time. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Search ‘space’ on the website now.


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