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How to Choose SEO Services with Guaranteed Results for Your Construction Business

Marketing in the 21st century is all about leveraging the power of the internet. If you want to get more leads for your construction business and stay competitive in your industry, a strong digital presence is a must in this internet-driven era.

With the help of a sound search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, you can get your business to appear at the top of search engine results. This is a great way to level the playing field and give your business a fighting chance against bigger competitors.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of SEO for your construction business and how you can find SEO services with guaranteed results.

Why Do You Need SEO Services for Your Construction Business?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting guaranteed SEO services for your construction business.

Better rankings

SEO helps boost your rankings in search engine results for keywords and phrases related to your industry. This is highly important because pages that rank in the top three spots get the most click-through rates (CTR).

In fact, according to a recent study, the first organic result in Google Search gets as much as 28.5% CTR while the second and third positions get 15% and 11% CTR, respectively. The 10th position only gets an abysmal 2.5% CTR. Beyond that, users rarely venture into the second page of search engine search results.

So, the higher your site appears in search results, the more people will get the chance to find your company and learn more about the services you offer. This also makes it easier for potential customers to contact you. Plus, if they like what they see, they’ll also most likely recommend you to friends and family who may need your services. Word-of-mouth marketing is quite beneficial for any business since people tend to trust recommendations from people they know over brand advertisements.

Get Better Customer Insight

Understanding your target market is a vital part of running any business. Fortunately, this is something SEO can help you with, as it helps implement strategies that let you have a deeper insight into your customers’ needs. It gives you an idea about emerging construction trends and the changing needs of consumers. The more you know your market, the more you can recalibrate your services to offer relevant content to serve them better.

Likewise, SEO creates a two-way feedback mechanism. It not only lets you get to know your target market, but it also enables you to get your message across to let consumers know more about your company and the services you offer.

More Qualified Traffic

When running a website, your goal is to get as much traffic as possible. However, not all traffic is good. What you should focus on attracting is qualified traffic. This ensures that the people you reach online are the ones looking for services similar to yours, meaning users visiting your page are more likely to convert and become customers. As a result, you get to boost sales and earn more revenue while avoiding wasting money trying to reach people who don’t need or aren’t interested in construction services.

Establish Authority

SEO services with guaranteed optimization results can help you establish authority in your industry by adding value to your site by improving its content. This includes adding images, blog posts, infographics, and even videos. By posting relevant and useful content, such as construction articles, trends, and tips, your site visitors will see your page as a credible source of information.

Aside from improving your content, SEO companies can also help you implement other SEO techniques, such as targeting your audience, adding internal and external links, optimizing blog content, and using a call to action (CTA).

Qualities of a Good Search Engine Placement Services

Here are some of the qualities of companies that offer SEO services with guaranteed results.

  • Experienced. When choosing an SEO company, make sure that they have considerable experience dealing with businesses in your industry. Such companies will have a better understanding of your business and can deliver excellent SEO results. Likewise, a good SEO firm should have a portfolio that showcases a history of successful SEO campaigns.
  • Analytical. SEO is a highly strategic and analytical business. It’s more science than art. So, SEO campaigns being handled by a company that isn’t data-driven are bound to fail. To avoid this, make sure to choose an SEO firm that’s more focused on the results.
  • Responsive. SEO companies, just like any other company, are busy. But that’s no excuse for your SEO company to be unresponsive. After all, you are still the customer. So, they should keep you informed with weekly or monthly updates and reports no matter what.
  • Transparent. The SEO company you hire should be able to explain what they are doing in a language that’s easy to understand. If they try to gloss over the details and overwhelm you with useless data and fancy terminology, run in the opposite direction.
  • Flexible. Each SEO campaign is unique. Likewise, SEO strategies that used to work in the past may no longer offer results to your business. Top SEO agencies are flexible enough to find what’s working now and make changes to their existing SEO strategies so they can cater to your unique business needs.
  • Realistic. Some SEO agencies price their services extremely low. This could be because only a few people are working on each campaign. You might be attracted to such agencies, but they may not be able to give you your desired results. Remember, SEO is a huge industry that requires a complete team to complete all the work with high standards. A quality SEO company, on the other hand, will have a more reasonable price because they have a qualified team working on each SEO campaign. If you’re not sure how they should be priced, you can check out different reputable SEO firms and compare prices. This way, you’ll know what rate is reasonable for good SEO services.
  • Ethical. Some SEO companies make use of “black hat” SEO techniques, which include spamming, doorway pages, and invisible text. These techniques can get your site to rank very quickly, but they are unethical and prohibited by major search engines. And if your site gets caught using such methods, your rankings will be dropped.
  • Consistent. SEO requires keen attention to detail and lots of patience because it isn’t a short-term solution. You won’t get results overnight. Some companies who overdeliver tend to lose steam by the second or third month. A good SEO agency should remain focused and consistent when it comes to delivering your goals in the long-term.

Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Service

Here are some vital questions to ask if you want to find an SEO company that offers guaranteed search engine optimization results.

What SEO strategy do you use?

There are three major facets of SEO: technical SEO, user experience (UX), and off-page SEO. Top SEO companies consider all three as elements of an effective and comprehensive SEO campaign strategy.

How will you adapt that strategy to our business?

Every business, even those in the same industry, is unique. So, your SEO partner should be able to provide you with a unique approach that caters to your business model, industry, and goals.

How long before we see results?

SEO needs time to take effect. How fast you see results will depend on your site’s health. In most cases, you’ll see results within six months of implementing SEO techniques. If your website is already structured well and doesn’t have any technical issues, you can see results earlier.

You should be wary of anyone telling you they can guarantee you results in less than one month without even taking a look at your website.

What’s your strategy for backlinks?

Backlinks are the backbone of Google’s algorithms. If your website doesn’t have any quality backlinks, then increasing your rank on Google will be hard. If your SEO partner says they will build backlinks to your site, ask them for their backlink profile and check if all the links are legitimate.

How do you approach keyword research?

How keyword research is done today differs a lot from how it was done in the past. When interviewing prospective SEO agencies, make sure to ask them about the methodologies and tools they use for determining keyword intent. If they start talking about the number of searches for a keyword and keyword density, chances are they’re using an outdated approach.

What tools do you use?

SEO professionals use several different tools to complete their tasks and conduct audits. It’s not really necessary to know all of them. But it’s critical to know that they can explain how and why they use those tools.

How will reporting on progress look like?

Don’t be shy to ask for a sample report they’ve created for another client. This will ensure that the SEO agency has a valid method for reporting their progress. And while you’re at it, you should also ask them how they will customize their progress report to cater to your unique KPIs and goals.

In Summary

The internet has changed how people search for construction companies. Nowadays, people are more concerned about finding the exact services they need than company or brand names. Of course, they can’t find you if they don’t know you exist.

That’s why it’s vital that you find the right method and SEO company to get your business in front of your target audience. Take your time looking for a reputable company that offers SEO services with guaranteed but reasonable results, such as Ardor SEO.

You can check out this page for more information and tips on how you can run your construction business.

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