How to Deal with Toilet Clogs at Home

December 26, 2020

Toilet clogs are not something to laugh about. You don’t want to get things messy especially in the bathroom. It’s a sanctuary. It’s a safe space. Hell, it might even be the only quiet place inside your home, assuming you have kids and a few pets. So when it’s getting hard to flush the toilet, then you might be experiencing a clogging issue. Regardless of intensity, any toilet clog issue, it’s better to get it checked right here, right now before it gets any worse.

Find the reason of the clog

When you notice that you’ve got a clogging problem, you don’t just douse your toilet with vinegar or any other chemical and hope that your problems would flush away by itself. That’s not how it works. There are many reasons why your toilet is clogged. Among the most common ones are stuff stuck into the trap like hair, tissues, and even condoms, a faulty flapper, or problems deeper than you can imagine.

Try to DIY

By now, I’m assuming that you have already pinpointed the main reason why your toilets are clogged. At this point, it’s now the best time for you to try do-it-yourself ways on how to address the clogs. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Use a plunger: This is one of the main tools you’ll be using for your anti-clogging needs. Plungers are important parts of any household because every home toilet will clog at some point. And without a trusty plunger, you’re not going to be able to remove tough clogs out.
    Pro tip: Keep yourself calm during the first plunge. Be gentle so as not to spray water all over yourself and your bathroom. Keep a firm grip and plunge as much as 20 times if necessary.
  • Use a wire coat hanger: This one is a much more unconventional method but a wire coat hanger basically acts like a hook that baits the trash that’s clogging your toilet.
    Pro tip: Wrap the other end with a small piece of cloth to act as a sponge if the clog is more of a sludge.
  • Use combination household solutions: If you’ve done everything above but nothing seems to work, you may try putting a few drops of dishwashing liquid then pour hot water in your toilet seat to see if it can remove all the gunk. Or you could also try the traditional baking soda + vinegar method to remove tough stains.

Pro tip: You may combine the solutions with plunging or sticking out wire coat hangers if necessary. Just be careful not to do more harm than good.

Call a Plumber

If you’ve done all the steps above but nothing seems to work, it’s time to call in your local plumber. Sometimes, you can no longer do anything about a stubborn clog. Instead of cursing your toilet and having toilet water all around you trying to fix it, save yourself the hassle and call a professional real quick.

Get your Septic Tank Pumped

Another option would be to clean up your septic tank. This is supposed to be a regular although pretty rare service that you need to do to ensure that your toilet is safe and clean. Septic tank pumping won’t only help you deal with clogged toilets, it can also help with draining or when water comes back up to your home after a long bath or a round of laundry. Regular septic tank clearing is a good practice that helps prevent issues such as this from happening.

Replace your Toilet

Sometimes it’s not you, it’s your toilet. You may be living in an old home that uses low flow toilets that can easily clog. If that’s the case, better call your plumber and ask him to install you a new one! Oh and don’t forget to discuss this with your landlord first.

The Bottomline: Prevention is Better than Cure

All of the steps mentioned above are just solutions to a preventable problem. There are a lot of ways to prevent clogging of your toilets, just like regular septic tank pumping, regular descaling, proper waste disposal, and just scheduled maintenance work. This might sound a bit tedious, but it’s surely better than dealing with a flooded bathroom.


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