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How to Navigate Renovating an Old Home

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Every householder that dreams about a renovation would know that it is a little more effort than a lick of paint and a few hammer and nail sessions, renovations take time and effort to do correctly.

Whether you are building a small addition onto your home, updating your kitchen, or creating a whole new bathroom, a successful renovation is one that is thoroughly planned, budgeted, and carried out by professionals.

The basics to a home renovation

If you’ve ever wondered what is involved in a renovation, we’ve gathered the basic steps and stages you should be aware of in a renovation.

Planning and design of the renovation

This part of the renovation is essential and something you should do if you want to ensure you wish to embark on a successful renovation journey. As a starting point, it is important to ensure you apply for any development approvals from your local council ahead of picking up any tools. If your renovation is a large one, you might also need to engage an architect and draftsperson to help with some of the plans. This is a great time to also research trades and suppliers to ensure you have the best people working on your project.

Put together a budget

Drafting up a budget is an essential part of a renovation and will allow you to ensure you have the right amount of money for the project. There is so much more involved in a renovation than just materials and fixtures, and by having a budget and sticking to it, you can ensure you are working to the best of your ability to get the best job done for your renovation needs.

Of course, if you’re renovating a rental property rather than your own home you’ll need to think about this carefully. Of course, landlords are responsible for covering “wear and tear” which is laid out in the tenancy agreement, but that doesn’t mean kitchens need new marble services, or bathrooms need to be the highest spec. Consider your ROI and make sure to look at quick fixes for improvements, for example, changing kitchen countertops rather than a full kitchen remodel, or easy to clean laminate flooring rather than expensive hardwood floors.

Review the property in advance

Now is a great time to review the condition of the property, and add into the budget any additional maintenance such as updates to plumbing, repairs to windows, roof updates, or any major foundation issues you can attend to at the same time as your renovation. It’s a good time to attend to any issues at the same time as your renovation to save on the cost of trades and also ensure you are not investing money in a renovation that could wind up needing to be re-done should the roof leak or there are issues with the structure of the property.

Demolition and disposal of waste

Once you kick off the project you might find that you are in need of a little demolition work, this could involve pulling out walls, removing old tiles, and pulling out cabinetry.. If you are going to carry out this type of work, you will need to invest in a skip and spend time properly demolishing things safely.

Time for the experts to step in

Once you have done the demolition, now is the time for the builders, carpenters, electrical, plumbing, and painters to come in and do their best work. You will need to ensure all of the trades you hire are licensed and insured to carry out the work to ensure you get a quality renovation for your money.

No matter the size of your renovation, it is essential to call in expert painters, carpenters, builders, plumbers, and trades to help with your renovation project. Renovations can add serious value to your home, and by taking the time to ensure you have a great team on hand you have the peace of mind your renovation will be carried out to the highest standard.


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