Moving Soon? 12 Things You Must Install In Your New House

December 2, 2020

Now that you’ve purchased your first house, it’s time to get your new abode ready for your family. Many homes often come with essential fixtures and appliances, but there are certain things you need to take care of as a homeowner. Instead of stressing later, here are some tasks you should complete before moving in.

  1. Change Locks

It’s quite possible that the previous homeowners have a set of keys to your home. And there is no way to ensure that no one else has the house keys. It’s best to take precaution and get your front locks changed. Also, remember to change locks of the patio door and any other entrances.

  1. Check Insulation

If you forgot to check the insulation before purchasing the house, make sure you do it before moving in. Adequate insulation is necessary to prevent energy loss and keep your energy bills in check. Upgrade the insulation in the attic, basement, floorboard, windows, doors and so on.

  1. Install Burglar Alarm

The last thing you want after moving into your new house is to deal with a break-in. Instead of making your home vulnerable to break-ins, immediately involve a professional for burglar alarm installation in Lanarkshire. Explore all the options available on the market to find the right system for your house.

  1. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Another device to ensure round the clock safety for you and your family is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If the home already has a smoke detector, get an expert to check it to make sure it’s functional and fix it if required.

  1. Put Up Blinds & Drapes

Either your home won’t come with drapes or they may not match your taste. In any case, prior to moving put up blinds and drapes on your windows for complete privacy.

  1. Get HVAC System Serviced

If you’re moving in the start of winter, then the home’s heating system is due for servicing and vice-versa for summer. Get a technician to inspect, clean and repair your HVAC system. You don’t want to spend your first few days in a freezing house.

  1. Install New Appliances

Just like the HVAC system, you should also get the rest of the household appliances checked and serviced. If you were planning to upgrade any outdated appliances, now is the time to do it. It would be stressful to deal with appliance installation along with moving and unpacking.

  1. Hire a Cleaning Company

Even if no major construction took place, the house probably gathered dust over time. A couple of days before moving, hire a cleaning company to deep clean your house. Particularly, involve expert cleaners for restoring carpets and other upholstery,

  1. Repaint Walls, Doors & Windows

A fresh coat of paint can lend a feeling of newness to your house. Repaint walls, doors and windows before you move in, so they have enough time to dry.

  1. Change Lighting Fixtures

Does your house have incandescent and halogen lights? These lights eat up energy and will increase your electricity bills. It would be best to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures, which are also highly durable.

  1. Stock Up Cleaning Supplies

If you’re not planning to hire a cleaning company, then you’ll have to clean up the house before and after unpacking. So remember to stock up on cleaning supplies as well as garbage bags.

  1. Get a Tool Box & Flashlight

If you don’t already have a tool box, this is the perfect opportunity to get one for your new house. You should also purchase a flashlight for emergencies.

Final Words

While this is not an exhaustive list, it includes some of the important things you should prioritise before moving into your new house to avoid last-minute inconveniences.


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