Four Tips for Designing Multifunctional Rooms

December 21, 2020

It is not the size of your home that is important but what you do with it. Even if your home is short on rooms, you can still adapt the spaces to become multifunctional. In this way, there's also a chance that you can sell your house fast in the future.
Find out more by checking out the following four helpful tips.


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Tip 1: Combine Your Bedroom with a Tub Area


You may wonder if a tub in the middle of your bedroom is practical, and whether you may feel like you are sleeping in the bathroom. But combining tub areas and bedrooms has become a popular interior design choice in recent years, and when done right, having a tub and bedroom combo will feel like the most natural thing in the world. Place the tub as far away from the bed as possible, and add tiles to the floor and walls of the tub area to clearly define the space. You can then feel like you are in a luxury and homely hotel every night.


Tip 2: Combine Your Lounge with an Entertainment Area


If you have always wanted to have a games room, but you do not have a spare room or garage to convert, you can add a games and entertainment area to your living room. First, think about the items you want in the entertainment area, so you can plan the layout accordingly. You may want to add things like a pinball machine, a slot machine, a poker table, a video game console and TV, a dart board, and a shelving unit to hold board games. Maybe even buying a shuffleboard table would be great, you will probably want a comfy settee as well. Paint the walls a different color to the lounge space to clearly define the two areas, and add fun items, like casino signs and framed posters of video games. Whether you want to enjoy a game of poker with friends, play board games with the family, or just have a special space where you can play online casino games at a live casino, combining your lounge with an entertainment area is a fantastic solution.


Tip 3: Combine Your Kitchen and Dining Room Space


By combining your kitchen and dining room into one, you can create an open-plan space that is ideal for cooking and socializing at the same time. A multifunctional room containing both a kitchen and dining area is ideal for today’s informal lifestyles, but you will have to approach the space with clever zoning and a cohesive decorating approach if you want it to work. Once you have determined the layout of the room, you can define the two separate areas with different flooring, such as vinyl tiles in the kitchen area and authentic wood flooring in the dining section. Then choose a simple color palette to tie the space together. Avoid adding dividing walls, as kitchen and dining areas always work best as open-plan spaces.


Tip 4: Combine Your Bedroom with a Home Office


More and more people are now working from home, but it can be challenging to get you head down when you are not in a clearly defined office space. If you do not have a spare room you can turn into a work space, consider adding a home office area to your bedroom. It is important to keep a distinction between the work area and the relaxation area, so keep as much space as you can between your bed and your desk, and face your desk toward a wall or window, so you are not constantly looking at your bed and thinking of crawling back into it. You should maintain the décor and color scheme of the bedroom, but separate your office space with a curtain. Pulling the curtain across at the end of the day is a great way to signify the workday is over.




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