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Pros And Cons Of Sliding Doors

Of course, the main criterion of choice remains personal perception, because sliding interior doors are still a matter of taste and habit. Their functionality, aesthetics and originality are obvious, but there are also enough disadvantages. Let’s figure out when to consider the purchase of sliding doors.

When solving zoning problems

Take the unification of the kitchen and living room as an example – you get a common enlarged space. Psychologically, being in the kitchen, you think of the room as a “big kitchen,” which is very comfortable. In addition to combining the kitchen and living room, sliding interior doors are simply indispensable when combining the kitchen and dining room, hallway and dressing room.

When the room has a lot of furniture

The sliding door will hinder neither physically nor aesthetically. The presence of furniture will also not be a hindrance: you can put it upright (undoubtedly a plus).

When in doubt: door or partition wall you need

In the case of interior partitions, you are most often limited to modern style – an interior sliding door can be any kind. Appearance and finish materials are so diverse that there is no lack of choice.

And what are the disadvantages?

You can’t open them silently

That is, to leave the bedroom and not wake up restless sleeping children is unlikely to succeed. Manufacturers of the same interior compartment doors go to great lengths to ensure that the sound of the carriages and rollers was as muffled as possible, but you must understand that it is impossible to completely get rid of this noise. With age (and roller wear) the sound becomes more pronounced.

The “unrepaired” service life is shorter

The carriages and rollers wear out and need to be replaced. How often depends on the guideway system, material and manufacturer chosen. A swing door does not need to be “changed” after 10 years, a sliding door does.

You could argue with this – the service life of sliding interior doors is not much less than that of traditional swing doors. But here’s the thing: a cheap sliding system is more likely to fall into disrepair. But anyway visit to check if it is possible to repair your door. Finally, the quality of the sliding doors directly depends on the manufacturer, accessories and professionalism of installers. Saved when buying and installing interior compartment doors – you will replace them sooner.

No heat, no quiet

Unlike swing doors, sliding doors have less heat and sound insulation, since at least a small, but still a gap remains between the leaf and the frame. Only interior sliding doors-compartments (design with upper and lower rails, on which moves the leaf) are comparable to the traditional swing doors in terms of sound insulation. When choosing a sliding door you should remember that the main loading of the leaf in this variant is on the lower rail. The upper rail provides the smoothness of movement and is responsible for the sliding door not to move when it is closed, but the locksmith in Danville Indiana may solve this problem.

Everyone chooses for himself, what variant to give preference – swing or sliding doors. However, if there is a need to save space, the impossibility of ensuring a radius of opening and other features of the premises, an interior sliding door can be the ideal solution.


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