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Pros and Cons of Water Dispensers


Many cities treat water to kill harmful bacteria and parasites present in water before supplying it to homes and offices. You should know that other than parasites and bacteria, there are many impurities such as copper, lead, pesticides, and aluminum that remain in the water even after the treatment process.

On top of that, tap water doesn’t taste good as they use chemicals like chlorine during the treatment process, which dulls the taste of water. As a solution, many people install water dispensers at their places. Water dispensers improve the quality of the water and make it taste better.

In this post, we shall discuss the pros and cons of installing a water dispenser at your place. Let’s read on.


  • Dispensers Need Zero Plumbing

You should know that plumbing is a system of pipes and fixtures installed in a building to distribute water and the waterborne waste. It is a complicated installation and requires a tremendous amount of money. On the other hand, installing a water dispenser will need zero plumbing at your place. That’s because a water dispenser comes with its own miniature plumbing system and does not require a connection to any existing pipes.

  • Easily Portable

It doesn’t matter whether you are living in a studio or an apartment. Water dispensers take up a little space in your place. The water dispenser comes in compact sizes which can be stored anywhere. Hence, they are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another.

  • Minimal Installation

If you are looking to install a traditional way of purifying your water, it will consume hours in installation. Suppose you have signed up for an apartment water filtration system, you can’t concentrate on other works while the workers are drilling into walls for installing pipes and wires.

On the other hand, water dispensers can be installed at your place in less time, and everything is carried out for you by the company.

  • Different Types for Different Needs

Suppose you have installed a filtration system for purifying your water, but what if you don’t consume water that is purified in a large quantity by your filtration system. With this, it will also consume more power; eventually, increase your electricity bill.

On the other hand, with various kinds of office water dispensers available to buy, you can choose one that falls under your budget and suits your needs.

  • Easy to Use

When it comes to purifying your water with conventional methods or complicated systems like apartment filtration systems or building water treatment solutions, you need an expert to do the required functions.

If you have a water dispenser at your home or business, you won’t need an expert guide to purify your water. All you need to do is press a few buttons, and the process is done.

  • Easy Cleaning

You don’t need experts to clean your water dispenser as you can easily clean yourself. However, you have to change the essential parts after a time for a regular supply of clean and safe water.


  • Cost

A water dispenser isn’t so much costly, but it needs a brand-new filter after heavy use. This extra expense will significantly increase in summer. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-effective measure to purify your water, the water dispenser is not made for you.

  • Inferior Plastic Quality Can be Harmful

The inferior plastic quality of a dispenser can be harmful to your health. However, all water dispensers don’t come with cheap plastic, so whenever you buy a dispenser, make sure you invest in the best material.

  • Re-Filling Water Bottles Can be Harmful

According to several studies, a water dispenser can help you save $700 a year if you buy ’16- bounce’ water bottles. After installing a water filter, many people prefer to re-fill their water bottles. No doubt it will reduce plastic waste.

On the other hand, refilling old water bottles will harm your health as all the water bottles are made to be used once. Instead, you can use a steel or copper bottle for storing your drinking water.

The Final Words

One of the best things about water dispensers is that they come in different shapes and sizes. You would be surprised by knowing that a few dispensers easily fit into the refrigerator door. On the other hand, several come with a large container for storing a large volume of water. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small family, you can buy a water dispenser according to your budget.

In simpler words, if you ask us an ideal answer to drinking water from an excellent source, we would recommend you to purchase a water dispenser. They are portable, easy to use, come in different sizes, and can be cleaned easily.

You should know that water dispensers get rid of 92% of harmful chemicals. Hence, you should invest in a water dispenser for your better health.




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