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Seven Tips for Unpacking After Move


When it comes to moving to a new home, everyone is different. Some procrastinate unpacking, while for some people unpacking and setting things at a new home fills them with happiness. Undoubtedly, unpacking is a daunting task, but following an essential process for unpacking your boxes can make your shifting a smooth process.

In this post, we are going to share seven tips for unpacking your stuff and set everything at suitable places. Here we go.

  1. Unpack with a System

Many people randomly open the boxes and get tired only by looking at a plethora of stuff they need to set. Instead of randomly jumping in and opening the box, you should open the boxes you need first, like essentials.

For doing that, make sure you have a copy of the inventory list that you created before moving in to track down your belongings. So, make sure you start box by box instead of creating a mess by opening every box available at the location.

  1. Start with Essentials

Unpack the essential box or boxes that have come with you in your car. These are the important items that you will need to survive for a few days till you settled adequately at your new house. If you didn’t designate the essential boxes, you need to find it quickly as it will help you run your home for a few days.

It may contain books, medications, toiletries, towels, telephone numbers, paperwork, and essential food items.

  1. Grab the Kitchen First

Generally, kitchen items are fragile, so it would be best to get the kitchen done first. It would be effortless to locate kitchen-related stuff if you had labeled boxes properly. If you have time, you can line up the kitchen cupboard and cabinets first.

If you have a busy schedule, unpack only what you need, including pans and pots for cooking. You can also switch small appliances like a toaster, sandwich maker, and juicer that will make your survival easier.

  1. Bedroom Comes After Kitchen

After setting up the kitchen, put the beds together for each bedroom. Generally, when people move to a new house, they keep a bed-set for surviving one or two nights easily. You can also do the same before moving in.

Remember, you need to decide the location of your closet and furniture for your bedroom before unpacking the boxes, installing furniture before unpacking is more productive and will save you time.

  1. Get Done with Bathrooms

Generally, bathrooms don’t take much time as they are already functional before you move in. All you need to do is unpack toiletries, towels, and other bathroom items. You should know that a fully-stock bathroom gives you a comfortable feel. So, make sure you set up your bathrooms entirely instead of procrastinating things.

  1. Assemble Furniture

Having a plan before unpacking the furniture will smooth the process of assembling and setting up the furniture at your new home. If you want to rearrange the furniture in the living room, bedrooms, and dining room, you need to make a proper plan to avoid repeating the step.

Large pieces that need an electrical supply like an entertainment centre should be set when you know where you will set other furniture. It is a waste of time to assemble large pieces and set up if you are unsure where you will place them. In simpler words, make a plan, then put all the furniture.

  1. Utility Areas Comes Last

Utility areas like basement and garage boxes should be unpacked when you are done with setting up everything at your new home. As most garage items are not essential, you can set up your garage on the weekend or whenever you have enough time.

However, you can unpack essential tools like storage containers and utility shelving units to keep your home functional. In the summer season, you can set up a barbeque grill early so that you can cook while the kitchen is not ready for cooking.

Thank god we are living in a modern world where you can find a solution to everything. If you have a tight schedule and can’t do the unpacking, hire professionals for your unpacked storage. Many removal companies do packing, moving, and unpacking of your stuff. All you need to do is provide them a floor plan so that they can place your belongings in the right place.

The Final Words

There is no doubt that unpacking can be a daunting task for the people who need to rush to the office, but you can easily set up your new home by following the above tips. Keep in mind that you need to follow these tips in the number they are mentioned. Or if you are not comfortable doing so, you can hire professionals for the same.




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