Taking Care Of Your Air Conditioner

December 8, 2020

Once known to be a privilege, air conditioners have now almost become a necessity with the changing climatic conditions. Air conditioner offers a long list of benefits, from better air quality to preventing electronic devices from overheating are a few amongst those. With a good maintenance routine, an air conditioner's average lifespan is between 15-20 years. Hence the only significant process to enjoy air conditioning service is its installation. Installing an air conditioner requires professional assistance.

Various companies provide service for AC installation Arlington Tx. Here is how the installation process for an air conditioner would take place:


  1. Getting rid of the existing system: This step comprises removing the old conditioner and properly disposing of all the old components like refrigerants.
  2. Setting up new connections: The air conditioner's links are made to switches at home by the professional. This system is known as ductwork; the installer can shift this to make connections.
  3. Testing the air conditioner: The final step after installation ensures that the air conditioner works correctly. This step also promises that there are no safety hazards.

Indeed, installing an air conditioning at home has some procedures to follow. Although these steps can be completed using a DIY approach, seeking help from a reliable HVAC company may be an excellent idea. Unless you’re an expert, you need professionals who know what to do to ensure a seamless installation process. It also assures you that the work is done with utmost quality because these experts underwent training to perform such a specific job.

Generally, air conditioning experts have valuable years of experience and training to complete the job without hassle. They also have high-quality tools and equipment that help them install AC units, repair problems, and replace specific components.

Hence, if you think hiring professionals can be best for their installation project, then it’s best to ask for referrals from loved ones or search through the web to find the best ones. For instance, you can check out websites like https://www.aireserv.com/dallas/ and other platforms to know more about your prospective HVAC companies. 


Ensuring Safety for AC installation Arlington TX

While the installation process looks simple, a few precautions can ensure the optimum working air conditioner. Poor installation will either affect the performance or will lead to an increase in maintenance requirements. Several factors that need to be assured of while installing air conditioners are as follows:


  • Examining wall strength: The installation wall must be strong enough to hold its weight.
  • Ensuring proper height from the ground: Minimum height of 7-8 feet from the floor to provide optimum colling.
  • The outdoor unit's proper fitting: It is essential to note that the outdoor unit is on a flat and rigid surface. Since the outdoor fan makes a lot of noise, we should ensure that it does not cause issues.
  • Spacing between wall and AC unit: More than 15cm of space should be available on top and sides for proper airflow.


Understanding the cost for ac installation Arlington tx


The cost of getting an ac installed depends on several factors. The average cost for ac installation in Arlington, Texas, ranges from $5000-$6000. Here are the factors that primarily affect the cost of installation:

  • Efficiency: An air conditioner's efficiency is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The SEER rating differs from 13 (the lowest) to 22 (the highest). Air conditioners with higher efficiencies are costlier and you have to pay less expensive bills at a better service
  • Size: It refers to the amount of heat the air conditioner can remove from space in an hour. Residential AC units generally range between one and five tons
  • Equipment: More the number of add-ons features, the higher you pay. Various types of add-ons include noise reduction, air purification, smart scheduling, etc.


Along with installation cost and procedure, one should also remember to take care of another crucial step, i.e., maintenance. Hence, a homeowner should maintain the unit properly to avoid common problems and keep it running efficiently for an extended time. Remember, Low maintenance can lead to less cooling and more electricity consumption. Along with maintenance, various other issues like gas leakage, induction, rubber mounting, etc., needs proper care. Ensuring services like installation and maintenance with needed precautions can cast a long life to the air conditioner.


Like other appliances one can find at home, an air conditioning system also plays a crucial role in making lives much better. But to make the most out of its efficiency or functionality, one should invest in the right system to obtain a more favorable outcome. Luckily, with the information mentioned above, installing and taking care of the air conditioning unit doesn’t need to be challenging. 

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