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The Seven Ultimate Reasons for Dry Hire


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Clients often ask what is better; wet hire or dry hire? This answer is of utmost importance because every project requires the best equipment, so you need straightforward information. Below we propose the seven ultimate reasons to dry hire and why it’s the preferred one.

  1. Greater Cost-Efficiency

Dry hiring is a sure way to save your time; moreover, it cuts the cost. Cost efficiency is vital whether you belong to the demolition, earthmoving, plumbing and landscaping, or construction industry. The cost saved on equipment will help build better ties with the client. Resultantly your and the client’s expectations will be met by adhering to an efficient budget. Avoiding a budget blowout and clearly outlining the cost will serve as a foundation for the project.

  1. Uncommon, Dedicated Equipment

Dry hire is always a better option if you require specialized equipment for certain projects. Dry hiring is imperative in such scenarios; you would not want to invest in equipment that you will not utilize on daily basis.

  1. Reducing Ongoing Costs

It would be problematic if the equipment you spent a fortune on is hardly ever utilized. This means the money you spent on it may cost you more than you earn since you have to spend on its maintenance as well. The solution is dry hiring since it provides you equipment only when you require it for a certain project.

  1. No Constant Maintenance

Possessing no equipment means no maintenance or service cost to burden your finance. You can be in a win-win situation if the reduced cost is utilized for improving the project. Doing so will not only let you stay at the top but also get after-hours emergency support in case things go south.

  1. Meet the Safety Standards

If you belong to the civil construction industry, then you must be familiar with the new trend of using only equipment that adheres to safety standards at the job sites. Some specific projects even demand Tier 1 safety standards of equipment at the site. Dry hiring resolves this problem, so you can hire equipment that meets the standards and aid your projects.

At ESM Resources, all of our equipment is thoroughly checked to perform safely and are site ready. The safety checks we perform include service history, rollover protection, risk assessment, working lights, rotating beacon, reverse alarm, UHF, e-stop, and fire extinguisher. You can also ask us to provide equipment with upgraded specifications.

  1. Short-Term Growth and Replacement

If your corporation is experiencing short-term growth, then go for dry hiring since you’ll need additional resources. Dry hiring can easily serve your purpose and temporarily replace your fleet.

  1. Modern Technology

Companies offering dry hiring services tend to stay ahead in the industry. Thus their equipment is always state-of-the-art, of the latest model and mostly low-hour machines. The latest equipment certifies reduced site and fuel consumption.

Thus, dry hiring is a sure way to cut costs, certify safety, and save time. With the best equipment at hand, you can plan and execute your project without any doubt.


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