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Things You Need to Know about Compost


Using compost in your garden is a sure way to become a better gardener. Compost not only helps to grow healthy plants and shrubs but also enhances the visual appeal of your garden. Any homeowner can easily make compost in their garden using organic materials like dry leaves, eggshells, fruits, and vegetable peels, and grass clippings.

There are many things used to create compost, but these are the basic things that are available in every home and garden. However, it is best to learn about things before doing them practically. Therefore, you should learn about creating and using compost before using it in your garden. Let us dive deeper into the things that every homeowner should know about compost.

How compost is made?


Compost is made by recycling organic waste through the process of natural decomposition. Compost is made of dead flowers, dry leaves, fruit, and vegetable scraps by breaking them down into a substance that contains highly rich nutrient content. Homeowners can buy compost from any store selling landscaping supplies. However, it is inexpensive and much rewarding if you make it on your own at home. Also, if you store a pile of compost at home, you can use it anytime you need.

Things you should use and should not use to make compost.

You can use lawn grass clippings, dry leaves, small branches, weeds, eggshells, fruit and vegetable waste, and kitchen scrap to make compost.

You should never use meat, fish, bones, salad dressing, cheese, milk products, or leftover cooking oil to make compost.

How to make compost?

It is easy to make compost at home using the right tools and a precise ratio of materials. You should keep the ratio as one part greens and one part of brown substances for your compost. The green substances like flowers, grass clippings, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds are rich sources of nitrogen that are essential for the growth of plants.

On the other hand, things like twigs, dry leaves, sawdust, cardboard, and browns are the sources of carbon for your soil. In addition to green and brown substances, you need to add water. In simple words, you can add one part of the green and one part of brown substances and an equal amount of water to create a-rich compost within a few weeks.

Benefits of Compost for a Garden.

Compost Improves the soil.


Many homeowners and gardeners don’t start a garden with a good soil mix. If your soil is hard, compact, sandy, or has stones, you should add compost to improve its fertility and water holding capacity. By adding compost, the soil becomes brown, fluffy, and nutrient-rich for plants.

It offers balanced nutrients for plant growth.

Even if you have nutrient-rich soil in your garden it will not stay like that forever. Nutrients are depleted with every growing season as the roots of plants observe them for growth. Therefore, you need to enrich the soil with nutrients every season so that your plants get them for their growth.

No commercial fertilizers, whether organic or synthetic, can provide all the nutrients that are present in the compost. The microorganisms present in the compost enhance the nutrient absorption capacity of plants. When you mix the compost in your soil, you don’t need to use any fertilizer.

Compost stimulates microorganisms.

Various types of microorganisms are born during the making of compost. The decomposition of organic materials and the action of bacteria and fungus produces microorganisms that are beneficial for the soil and growth of plants.

It also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and natural antibiotics that protect the roots of your plants from harmful pathogens. Microorganisms like earthworms and millipedes open up passageways in the soil for air and water to reach the roots of plants.

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Final Words

Compost is one of the best things you can offer to your plants. It acts as an organic plant fertilizer and improves the health of your plants. In addition to improving the texture and fertility of the soil, it also protects your plants from pathogens and extreme temperatures.

Also, it prevents the soil from becoming too compact but holds the roots well to support the plant. Therefore, you must use compost in your soil to enhance the growth of plants and greenery in your garden. A bright and lush green garden also improves the value of any property. Using compost and maintaining your front yard well can enhance the value of your home.



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