Tips For Hosting the Perfect Vacation Rental: What All Guests Expect

December 1, 2020

When entering the world of vacation rentals, it is indeed a business, of course, but you also have to understand that you’re playing a major part in people’s vacation experience. As a vacation rental host, it’s your responsibility to do everything in your power to make sure your guests have a memorable experience at your property.

Sure, in the beginning stages of acquiring a vacation property, it requires finding short-term financing, the perfect destination, and renovations but it’s totally worth all the work, not only from a financial standpoint but it’s also quite rewarding too and you also check out the Hilton Head vacation rentals. And it reverts back to being part of a family’s vacation experience.

When you went on vacations in the past, how did it make you feel when the hotel you stayed at had a friendly handwritten note welcoming you and thanking you for staying with them? It’s little things like that, that make vacationers come back because it was such a positive and memorable experience. You and your vacation property can do that very same thing for your guests.

Your rental is more than just an advertisement but a visualization for guests to imagine themselves vacationing there… You see, a great vacation rental should tell a story of its own but also create memorable stories for guests too.

To create the perfect vacation rental, you must present your rental as a once-in-a-lifetime vacation opportunity in every facet. To establish your rental as a dream property that will stay booked, here are a few tips to entice prospective guests.

Choose a Unique Design Style and Incorporate It Throughout the Entire Property

One of the biggest reasons people enjoy staying in vacation rentals is because they not only get to enjoy the perks of being in a home away from home but they also love the fact that the property is uniquely designed. It gives them an appreciation for interior design styles that they wouldn’t incorporate in their own home.

Remember, the point of your vacation rental is to create memories, and the design style of your property is a top way to do it. Ideally, you want an over-the-top design style that stands out and that’s not commonly found in most single-family homes. Some memorable design styles that are always a hit with guests include:

  • Bohemian
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Eclectic
  • Industrial
  • Rustic
  • Coastal

When incorporating any of these particular styles in your property, it’s important that you stay consistent with it throughout the entire property. Just because it’s not a long-term property that doesn’t mean the flow of the home goes out the window. Choose a style that makes people truly feel like they’re on vacation and not just staying at someone’s house…

With the above designs, you have the power to give your guests that “wow factor.” Also, fun and creative wallpapers can help you create a look for the design style you choose.


Maintaining a clean property for every guest that visits your property is an unspoken standard and requirement. Everything from floors and baseboards to blades of ceiling fans and crown moldings, your entire property should be spotless in-between guest visits.

You have the option of maintaining your property yourself or you can hire a house cleaning service to regularly clean your home, but whichever route you choose, you just need to make sure your property is clean.

Don’t Live in Your Property

If you’re hosting a vacation property but will need to live there, you need not even enter the industry. When people go on vacation, they don’t want to feel like they’re being chaperoned, even if you don’t bother them… the fact that they know you’re there is a big “trip ruiner” altogether. Allowing your guests to have the property all to themselves is the ultimate gift of privacy, and you’ll see it reflected in your ratings.

The factors listed above are all expectations of vacation rental guests that will be easy to meet.

By simply approaching your rental maintenance in the mindset of what prospective guests want and expect, you’ll not only be able to meet their expectations but exceed them as well. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure your vacation rental is creating memorable experiences, not vacation nightmares.


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