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Types Of Sliding Glass Doors. What Is The Difference?

Sliding glass doors are in demand due to their convenience, durability and reliability. They are usually installed in apartments, offices. However, they are usually not used as entrance systems, bit sliding company in Florida near me proves that it is not a statement.

Sliding glass doors move on rollers, located in the upper part of the system. The models do not require the installation of locks on the floor. Therefore, there is no additional noise due to these doors. There is no need to install a box, which facilitates the work process and reduces costs.

Since the leaf moves along the walls, it can be installed in small rooms:

Sliding glass doors are installed:

  • in residential buildings;
  • in apartments;
  • in offices;
  • commercial buildings.

Such constructions are characterized by laconicism and minimalism.

Sometimes, one room needs to be divided into several zones. For example, in one room allocate space for a bedroom and an office. In such cases, it is convenient to make the zones so that between them there was a sliding structure. This option is convenient in that the entrance group lets in light and at the same time creates the isolation of the expansion of the space.

But you can, on the contrary, use lacobel glass. It is painted on one or both sides to delay light. If there is a desire to do zoning, you can choose a different interior style on different sides of the sliding structure.

Sliding glass systems are classified according to different characteristics.

According to the place of installation allocate:

  • Inside the opening. And it is reduced (overlap) to the width of the leaf itself.
  • In front of the opening. Next to it should be free space in the partition.
  • All of the above options look great in the office and living room.

According to the location allocate:

Interior. The most popular option. Helps to visually increase space, which is convenient if the apartment is small. Products are comfortable, harmonious.

Bathroom. Almost always the bathroom is small. For convenience, such models are used. There is a thematic design option. You can choose drawings with mermaids, sea creatures, foam, water bubbles. In addition, classic sliding doors are used to separate the bathroom from the shower.

Single-leaf and double-leaf is another classification of sliding doors. In the first case, the leaf is one piece. This option is suitable for small living spaces, and the second – for large rooms. Visually, they make the room more spacious.

For doorways, it is necessary to use tempered glass. When broken, it will disintegrate into small particles with rounded edges. It is virtually impossible to injure yourself with them.

Glass sliding doors are easy to use. Although glass is impact resistant, there is a chance of breaking it, so it is advisable to protect it from being hit with heavy objects.

It is imperative that the glass be properly cared for:

  • Use only special detergents. They should contain ammonia, which removes plaque.
  • Wash the surface periodically, at least once a week.
  • Wipe only with a soft sponge or cloth.
  • Do not use powder or other abrasive agents.
  • Periodically treat the connecting elements with machine or vegetable oil to avoid squeaking.
  • Periodically change the seals, as they wear out.

If you install the door correctly and take care of it, there will be no problems with the construction. Repair with free estimation will be needed only if poor-quality hardware is used or it does not match the weight of the door. The same applies to the settlement of the building and improper installation of the entire structure.



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