What Services Most Benefit an Industrial Business?

December 1, 2020


Even with the setbacks experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many industrial businesses haven't been able to slow down their operations. In order to continue functioning safely and efficiently, there are many essential business integrations that industrial enterprise owners are currently utilizing. These crucial services— both physical and digital— allow for industrial companies to operate smoothly while being conscious of new precautions and safety standards.

Virtual Call Center Solutions

Since the emergence of COVID-19, it's been difficult to have full on-site staffing for particular departments within industrial businesses. One such department is customer service, or more specifically, Virtual call centers. Many industrial business owners are aware of the vital role that call centers play in their operations. Being unable to furnish a physical on-site staff for your call center doesn't have to obstruct your communication channels with your customers. Bright Pattern offers AI contact center software solutions that combine automation, machine learning, and natural language processing to allow business owners to seamlessly handle customer calls during these uncertain times. For a long time, virtual agents and bots lacked natural language and meaningful processing abilities. With Bright Pattern's virtual assistants, your customers will no longer have to deal with the hassle of unresponsive and unintelligent bots.



Bright Pattern is committed to providing contact center software that enhances the customer experience in every possible way. They employ artificial intelligence to ensure that customer interactions are streamlined and customer satisfaction is improved. Bright Pattern offers contact center solutions for both customer calls and online customer inquiries. Having a contact center of virtual agents and online chatbots as opposed to human agents reduces your labor costs and increases your contact center efficiency. The advanced technology used for Bright Pattern's contact center solutions allows you to have an entire customer service team made of virtual agents and virtual assistants to aid in the customer journey. With features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), sentiment analysis, natural language, and intelligent routing, Bright Patterns digital contact center solutions help drastically reduce wait times and provide meaningful solutions to customers in real-time. Callers will receive the crucial assistance they need in less time, and you no longer have to worry about downtime due to business hours, holidays, or technical difficulties. Bright Pattern can help you find the perfect contact center software package that fits your specific business needs and provides an excellent customer experience.

High-Quality Conveyor Systems

One of the best ways to ensure efficiency in your industrial business is to have high-quality, dependable equipment. Many industrial businesses rely on automation to help streamline their operation. Conveyor systems are one form of automation that have been around for a long time, and many people don't realize how they have evolved over the years to become the centerpiece of many industrial enterprises. Dorner is a company that specializes in industrial conveyor systems and advanced material handling systems. Dorner understands that every enterprise is different, and depending on the industry, you will need specific configurations for your conveyors. This is why Dorner is committed to helping individual industrial business create conveyor systems that fit their specific needs. Having customizable options when it comes to automation is vital to the growth and success of your specific business. There is no one-size-fits-all configuration when it comes to conveyor systems, and that's why Dorner works diligently to help design structures on an individual level.

Dorner works within various industries to create conveyor system configurations that work for them. Whether you need overhead conveyors, flat belt conveyors, chain conveyors, or roller conveyors, Dorner can help you design a system of conveyors that will completely revamp your business operations. At Dorner, they are dedicated to creating conveyor structures that are unique to your specific product line. Material handling varies based on the type of product that will be placed upon the conveyor structure. From small packages and intricate products on an assembly line to heavy loads of pallets and large containers, Dorner's expert engineers can help you create and customize conveyors to help your team complete tasks in less time. They can also help you make adjustments to your configurations for each area of function. The conveyor belt in the assembly line will need to differ from the conveyor in the inspection and shipping areas based on the speed and friction needed during these processes. Dorner's advanced technology allows you to design a unique conveyor system to increase the overall efficiency of your daily operations.

Alignment of Company Goals and Best Practices

With many teams having to work remotely due to the pandemic, it can be difficult to keep your employees connected and focused. The best way to ensure you meet your bottom line and promote employee engagement is with the use of OKRs. Workboard understands your commitment to meeting your business goals, and their OKR's goal-setting framework give you the insights you need to streamline workflows and achieve your ambitious goals. The best way to help your team meet your objectives and achieve measurable results is to provide clarity for the top priorities of the company. While Workboard's template focus primarily on company goals and departmental objectives, a good OKR can still promote achievement on an individual level. By providing clarity for specific company objectives, key results, and expectations allows your employees to track their accomplishments on both a team level and individual level.

The alignment of individual goals with the top priorities and strategic plans for the entire organization is essential to your business' success. Workboard's OKR software goes beyond the basic level of a simple goal setting template, and it deploys an entire methodology that promotes key results from your team members. The workplace, whether it's the office or your home, needs to be focused in order to grow your business. OKRs work by prioritizing measurable results and gathering the essential productivity metrics you need. Workboard's OKR system extracts actionable insights from these metrics that you can use to create key performance indicators for your team. Their OKR deployments focus on both team objectives and company goals to ensure that an obstacles your employees might be facing can be eliminated. The OKR framework allows you to monitor your team members achievements of qualitative goals and provide regular performance reviews so your team always knows where they stand.



Workboard's OKR analytics and deep insights guarantee that you are aware of your teams progress at all times. The OKR methodology revolves around communication and achievement, and that's why with Workboard's OKRs you can set ambitious goals and watch your team members reach these goals with ease. Whether it's a specific company strategy or general best practices, their OKRs increase the visibility of these elements and ensure that your team always has access to all the necessary relevant information for the task at hand. When you create strategic plans for the future, your company goals shouldn't be a guessing game for your team. The deployment of OKRs allows your team to meet all the specific objectives and key results you clearly layout for them. Workboard's OKR solutions also promote connectivity through multilevel communication. When your sales team and customer service team has an open channel of communication with your company leadership, they are more likely to reach out when they are struggling. Effective communication between various departments means your operations will run smoothly and your team doesn't have to guess when it comes to how you want things done.

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