5 Breathtaking Destinations You Must Visit In 2021

January 20, 2021

Yes, 2020 has been a low point in business, economy, and entertainment. Work from home and restricted travel plans are the new normal. With the tourism sector hoping to bounce back in 2021 and socially distant travel gaining the limelight, it is time to think up travel destinations. Exploring Northern Ireland is one of the best options, with a treasure trove of historical landmarks. Much depends on airline carriers getting green signal in their respective countries.

Keeping our fingers crossed, here are five destinations that should be on your bucket list this year. Practice health and safety protocols to travel safely and confidently.


Morocco is a true celebration of exotic culture, cuisine, and landscapes. Arrive here with half-empty luggage as Medinas market treats you with a plethora of fragrant spices, hand-woven rugs, and tagline clay pot as traditional Morocco cookware. The sky-staring High Atlas Mountains show you some of the most incredible ski resorts.

Camp in a roof rack tent to enjoy the Saharan stars and the Moroccan Mint tea–a symbol of hospitality. Get Moroccan oil head massage, go exploring azure beaches, dunes, surfing spots, or monument-watch in Fez and Meknes cities. End the day savoring Moroccan dishes where a treat of vegetables, meats, spices, and herbs will stay memorable on your tongue long after you have reached back. Morocco is full of street cats, worth a click for animal lovers. Visit hammams in Morocco for a relaxing spa and massage to healthify your trip.


Ancient ruins, wool, colorful textiles are few starters in the Peruvian land. To further elaborate, Machu Picchu in Incan city is famous for its mysterious mountains and old city ruins. It attracts historians, adventure tourists, countless families, and netizens. Colca Canyon at 3400 meters is the Grand Canyon of Peru.

Can mountains ever be like a rainbow? Rainbow Mountains in Peru are beautiful eroded rocks and minerals that are a visual feast. The Amazon jungle is a must-visit for travelers and binge-watchers. Take a boat tour to see the Amazonian pink dolphin. Pisco, a concoction made from the Peruvian brandy, is the drink of choice of most travelers. Cuy, the guinea pig meat is a must-try. Textile patterns on a scarf or a decorative wall carpet show you the Peruvian handicraft skill. Women excel in doing canvas paintings, wood carvings, and jewelry-making. Other than peaks, canyons, pig meat, Peru majorly produces zinc, gold, copper, pharmaceuticals. Peru is diverse in every sense!


Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, museums, mountains, hot springs, Japan is a landmark travel destination for history-loving souls and nature-lovers. Cherry blossoms blooming across Hirosaki during spring, cherry-blossomed Mt. Yoshino, Kyoto Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kawachi Wisteria Tunnel Garden (the most beautiful tunnel in the world), Chureito Pagoda, Himeji Castle, which is UNESCO approved world heritage castle are some of the most beautiful places in Japan worth a visit.

Kanazawa is famous for its geishas and cuisine. Fukuoka has plenty of surfing opportunities and sumo wrestling matches to check out. Okinawa city gives the beach traveler a chance to explore beautiful beaches and crystal blue ocean water. Keep some time aside to visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial, where the first atomic bomb exploded in 1945. Japan is sure to amaze with its forests and lesser-known cities.


Egypt is not just famous for its bustling desert, grand cities, and the Nile river. It has 10 Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Tutankhamun, the most famous, to draw history buffs. The Valley of Kings in Luxor is home to 63 ancient rock-cut tombs of the Pharaohs and is the world’s largest open-air museum.

Visit Islamic Cairo for its medieval mosques and fascinating monuments. The Citadel of Saladin is one of the most ancient places of Egypt, with remarkable mosques. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aswan is the best honeymoon place in Egypt, with Jazirat Aswan, Aga Khan Mausoleum, as one of the major tourist attractions. The White Desert, Rock temples of Abu Simbel, and restaurants, cafes, and huge skyscrapers of Alexandria city help you enjoy the never-ending splendor of Egypt. February is the best month to fly to Egypt, visit the ancient Egypt tombs, the pyramids, and all the above-mentioned attractions, as flight fares are lower than usual during this period.


Greece satisfies every traveler’s expectations by offering spectacular landscapes in mountains, beaches, water bodies, and ruins. Santorini will steal your heart with its turquoise waters, volcanic beaches, whitewashed houses, fine dining restaurants, and beautiful villages. Nafplio city dotted with fortresses, is an elite and luxury address in Greece where the rich and the famous stay.

Corfu Islands have one of the best beaches to visit in Greece. Knossos has the best-preserved relics of the bronze age that go back to 5000 years. In Knossos, you will also get to see beautiful mosaics and fine pottery. Zakynthos is Greece’s best nightlife spot that stands out for its signature beauty. The capital, Athens, is an incredible place noted for its authentic food, the Temple of Zeus, and Greek culture. Athens Acropolis helps you soak up thousands of years of history. Unwind in crowd-free villages to get the most of Greece.


So, no more thinking or postponing your desire to visit these breathtaking destinations. See 2021 as the year for new experiences, meeting new people, soaking yourself in stunning beaches, and exploring the nightlife. Start planning your next getaway over the coming months.

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