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5 Reasons to Wall-Mount Your New TV

Brisbane is a popular place to live in. The capital city of Queensland is an ideal place to have a home in Australia due to its many attractions. It is packed with numerous shopping arcades, scenic and historical landmarks, lively bars, pristine beaches, and vibrant arts & music scenes.

Brisbane’s real estate prices are also relatively more affordable than the other major cities in the country. According to a report from Propertyology, the city ranked 22nd in the list of the most expensive Australian property markets. It means you can buy a decent house in the city for a fraction of the price of the houses in Sydney or Melbourne. It will let you use a portion of your budget to buy the latest furniture and appliances like TVs.

Some homeowners remain undecided if they mount their new TVs or place it on top of a table. There are some benefits for wall mounting your TV. If you are not well with these sorts of activities, you can hire an installation service offering TV wall mounting in Brisbane to ensure that the new TV is installed properly.

Here are five reasons why wall-mounting your TV could be your best option.

Reason #1: Less Glare

If you opt to call professionals to put your new TV on the wall, you can reduce the reflections you may get from the nearby windows and light sources. You can ask the professionals to install an adjustable wall mount to move from side to side or tilt in different directions. It will let you watch your favourite TV shows without any glare.

Reason #2: Save More Space 

Placing your new TV on a stand or a wide table can eat up too much space, especially if you can only allocate a small room in your home for your entertainment fixtures. The table will occupy the areas that could be used for other furniture like couches or other appliances.

Reason #3: Avoid Accidents 

Living with small kids or pets may put you at risk of toppling over your furniture. If you place your new TV on a table, any wrong movement may drop the TV accidentally. So have it mounted on a wall by a professional TV installation team so you will have peace of mind knowing that the TV is secured all the time.

Reason #4: Fast Installation

Mounting your TVs on a table or cabinet can be time-consuming. You need to look for the best spot to place the fixture, move it around until you are satisfied with the position, and then place the TV securely. But if you choose to mount it in your wall, the installer only needs to screw the brackets at the back of the TV and attach the wall plate on the wall by drilling. Then they can connect the bracket to the wall plate easily without any problems.

Reason #5: Improved Aesthetics

If your flatscreen TV is mounted on the wall, it can accentuate the room. It will provide the room with a more contemporary, upgraded appearance. It will also minimise the clutter since professional TV installers teach you how to manage the cables to reduce the mess.

These are a few of the major reasons why you must consider mounting your TV on the wall. If you plan to have your brand new TV mounted properly, you can contact professionals offering TV wall-mounting in Brisbane to ensure that the TV is properly and securely mounted.



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