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5 Toys To Keep Your Dog Entertained While Traveling

A majority of dogs get super excited with the mere mention of going out for a car ride. Sometimes, all you do is pick up the keys, and they will be pouncing towards the car. A dog can get bored during the long travel journey as quickly as they once got excited about it. Whether it is your dog’s first trip or not, keep them entertained with the right toys.

Are you thinking of traveling with your furry friends but are worried about their entertainment? Keep reading and find out the best and most stimulating toys to keep your pet dog busy for hours.


What are the best toys for keeping a dog entertained during travel?

Despite their age, most dogs love to play. While there is an abundance of options available for your furry travel companion, you must pick the one that your dog will enjoy playing with. Here are the top five entertaining toys that you can take along when traveling with a dog:

Hide a squirrel plush toy

If your dog is frequently chasing squirrels in the backyard, this toy will be ideal for them. The new game called hide the squirrel is a step up to the conventional game of hide and seek and can keep your canine buddy occupied for hours. It is a simple plush toy, and you can stuff tiny, squeaky, yet adorable squirrels inside the trunk. Your dog will take its sweet time trying to pull out each of these squirrels. 

You can stuff them again, and it will keep your dog occupied again for hours. While you may not be the same as the intense cardio they get while chasing squirrels, the plush dog toys can be the next best way to keep them entertained.   


Rolling chew toy

Does your dog get quickly bored with the normal chew toys? If yes, you can move over the old chew toys and get a rolling chew toy for the furry friend. It is not just a chew toy but a long-lasting treat as well. The chew toy is made from real bacon and offers a delicious flavor to your dog when they chew on it. When they get bored during the journey, your dog can play with it like a rolling toy. They can get both the entertainment and chew fixes during your long journey.  

Tug-a-jug meal dispensing toy

Are you looking for a toy that serves many purposes? Your search ends right here at the unique jug-a-tug toy. It contains a rubber chew toy, a rope toy, and a food dispenser all in one, and can hold an entire meal for your puppy and is almost like fast food for toys. Moreover, the toy will not only keep them satisfied for a long but also keep them occupied while you are traveling. The toy comes with a textured rubber nodule, which can help keep their teeth clean. The rope can keep them entertained, while you can fill the jug with treats or kibble. You can find this toy in many different sizes, making it a dream for every pet parent.


Bolt bite

For the canines who love to spend hours chewing on something, the bolt bite can be the perfect toy. It comes in a unique Z shape and is made with safe materials. What’s different about this toy? The ends of the chew toy are fillable. You can put anything from treats to peanut butter on the end of the chew toy, and your dog will enjoy delicious flavors while chewing on it. You can put peanut butter into the bolt bite and put it in the freezer to offer hours of indulgence to your furry friend.

Dog tornado puzzle

The unique tornado puzzle toy means hours of entertainment, which comes with layers of alternating bright colors like blue and yellow that can dazzle your pet dog. They can spin the layers to find treats hidden inside them. There are several chambers in the tornado toy where you can hide treats, giving your dog a challenge. If you want to make it more difficult, you can place the treats under the small white bone blocks that go into the compartments. When you plan for a road trip away that will need your furry friend to be in the car for a long time, they can get ultimate entertainment from this puzzle game.      


Final Thoughts  

Going on a vacation with your pet dog can be an enjoyable experience. You can get plenty of quality time to bond with each other and make memories for a lifetime. If you’re worried about your dog’s entertainment during the trip, you will need to take plenty of toys for them. You can pick one or more toys given above and keep your dog happy and busy while traveling.






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