5 Unobvious Ways To Use a Room Divider

January 26, 2021

Room dividers come in various types based on the desired purpose and a place of their use - from sliding doors to hanging room dividers, folding screens to dividing curtains. They are extremely popular when it comes to zoning a living area in a studio apartment but will also come in handy when rearranging spaces in particular rooms.

Sometimes a room divider can be much more than just an additional wall. Specialists from Portable Partitions Australia emphasize its use in unobvious environments, like art galleries and museums, given its abilities to serve as a decorating element.

Below, you will find some unordinary ideas for using a room divider in your apartment to provide a fresh look and functionality.

Plant Stand

This one opens up several opportunities right away. You can use a free-standing plant stand as a room divider or, conversely, turn a regular room divider into a mobile plant stand. Room dividers come in different shapes and sizes, and some of them have additional shelves at the bottom - a perfect place for bigger plants to live and prosper.

And, of course, the latest hit on Pinterest - arranging an IKEA's clothes rack into a plant stand by handing some plant pots on a rod instead of clothes. If you have a studio apartment, it is a perfect opportunity to create a modern, unique, personalized plant stand that will match your interior and will allow you to divide your place into different zones. For example, you can arrange your home office space and improve your productivity simultaneously, as plants positively impact your mood and creativity.

Makeshift Wardrobe

You can use some folding screens and wall partitions for decorating purposes, but when putting something as large as an additional partition, it would be better to make sure it is practical.

You can use a folding screen as part of the decor of an empty corner in the bedroom, but consider bringing some functionality here as well! Placing a beautifully designed room divider will indeed change the outlook of an entire room, but you can stick to a minimalistic approach and choose something neutral as well. It will allow you later to use this space as a wardrobe (by hanging your clothes on it), or even as a changing room!

Vanity Table

Furthermore, you can also use a room divider to arrange a vanity table. It will require some DIY and give you the freedom to create a fully custom piece of furniture.

You can use a folding screen to support mirrors and provide background for an entire construction, then choose a small table and a chair that will match each other but not necessarily the screen. One of the main advantages of such a design is the possibility to switch colors of the supporting part - the divider. It will allow you to freshen the room's look whenever you feel like it - without the need to replace the whole dressing table set.

TV Set

Some types of stationary partitions are designed not only to divide the room but also to serve as holders. Most often, such structures are used to mount the TV set and other video and audio equipment.

Some manufacturers create custom models, such as room dividers from floor to ceiling, but with moving parts in the middle of it. This option is suitable for those who like a rational approach. This way, you can turn your TV at the right angle, depending on where in the room you are in at the moment.

End-To-End Bookcase

A pass-through bookcase sets the boundaries of the room but also serves as a storage system. Due to its transparency, you can connect, for example, the hall with the living room, or divide one room without adding too much shadow in one part and still providing natural lighting. It creates a geometric abstraction that allows you to visually enlarge the whole studio apartment or a particular room where you place it.

Such a room divider will help separate, for example, the living room from the bedroom and at the same time maintain the level of privacy in those areas. Make sure to use this storage space efficiently, as the more stuffed those shelves get, the more private the divided area becomes.


Frequently, room divider use ideas are limited either to make it the most functional solution for a small space or to use it as beautiful but useless decoration. Why not try and combine functionality with esthetics to avoid futility?

You can use a room divider for its primary purpose, according to its name. Still, with a couple of DIY touches, you can create some additional storage space or a full-fledged interior design emphasizes!

When looking at a room divider, think outside the box and do not restrain your creativity! Thus, you will find some nonstandard, unique solutions that will make perfect sense in everyday use.


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