7 Best Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From You, Your Home & Garden

January 28, 2021

Forget about the nuisance noise mosquitoes make and their itchy bites; these insects carry diseases, too. According to World Health Organization’s (WHO) report released on November 30th, 2020, the reported malaria cases amounted to 229 million. Talking of deaths, there were 4,09,000 fatalities in 2019.

This is just one type of mosquito, Anopheles. There are other different types of mosquitoes that cause other diseases and viruses. How then can you keep these killer insects from you, your home, and garden? Here are the seven best ways from glimmr.co.uk to keep mosquitoes away from home:

Plant Mosquito Repelling Herbs And Flowers

There are a couple of herbs and flowers mosquitoes will never get close to. Such include rosemary, basil, and lavender. Besides the adorable colors of these herbs, especially the Lavenda, they have a strong fragrance. Mosquitoes detest these fragrances. While at it, your home will be adorable due to the beauty of these herbs. Don’t forget; these herbs do also have medical advantages that you’ll get to enjoy if you use them accordingly.

Burn Incense

Incense made of cloves, citronella, or eucalyptus is a sure fight against mosquitoes. Incense would work well in parties because mosquitoes loathe smoke, too. Be careful; however, people are unique. While the incense would be a good mosquito repellant, it would be intolerable to some people.

Burn Pinon Wood

Sitting around the fireplace will not only keep you warm during winter, but it will equally repel mosquitoes. However, not every type of wood does the magic, mosquito really hates Pinon wood. The aroma from Pinon wood keeps you glued next to the fireplace while it repels the mosquitoes for you.

Keep Birds

Birds are adorable and having them at home is fun. Besides, birds feed on mosquitoes. It’s, therefore, a great idea to rare birds such as swallows, ducks, and purple martins. In fact, some birds will not only feed on mosquitoes but also feed on mosquito larvae. Thereby, eliminating the chances of the insects breeding anywhere near your home. If, however, you don’t love rearing birds, just build a place for them outside your home. They’ll occasionally visit the place and make it their home.

Install Fans

While cooling the air, fans also push mosquitoes away. Just like leaves are blown away, so are mosquitoes blown away from areas near the fan. As such, if the temperatures are conducive to allow the use of an indoor or outdoor fan, don’t hesitate to turn it on. You’ll enjoy both cool air and undisturbed moments.

Coffee Grounds

You can burn coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes from your home. Alternatively, pour used coffee grounds on stagnant water. Coffee grounds bring the mosquito eggs to the surface of the stagnant water. Still, it deprives them of oxygen. Thus, they won’t hatch but die.

Close The Windows

Mosquitoes get into houses when it gets dark. If there’s stagnant water in your home, leaving the windows open attracts mosquitoes into your house. A sure way to keep them away is by closing all the windows and doors as soon as it begins to get dark.


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