7 Causes of Residential Water Damage in North Hollywood

January 20, 2021

Have you spotted discolorations and mold on your walls? Does your home smell musty regardless of how often you ventilate the rooms? These are unmistakable signs of residential water damage, which is hard to notice because of its sneaky nature.

Such damage might stem from leaking pipes, faulty appliances, blocked drains, clogged gutters, AC condensation, and severe weather. It’s categorized into four classes depending on the effect it has on properties and the health of residents.

Upon noticing signs of water damage, make sure you look for a water damage restoration company in your area, offering cleanup, repair, and removal services.

Learn more about the seven most common causes of such a household issue in North Hollywood households.

Leaking pipes

Older houses in North Hollywood are more likely to experience plumbing issues in the form of leaking pipes, which homeowners fail to spot until water damage becomes obvious. When dealing with a leaking pipe, you’ll probably notice stains and dampness in the attic. Also, water bills tend to spike whenever a plumbing problem is present in the household.

Therefore, residents of areas with freezing winters are recommended to insulate their pipes prior to the onset of this season. Otherwise, pipes will most likely freeze and burst when running water turns into ice. Additionally, make sure to replace all rusted pipes in the household in order to prevent leaks. Solely by taking precautions, you can impede leaking pipes from soaking the house and resulting in serious property damage.

Defective appliances

Another frequent cause of water damage in North Hollywood households is the presence of faulty appliances. Over time, hoses of appliances become loose while their pipes rust, hence leaving puddles on the floor in the kitchen and the bathroom. For instance, dishwasher leaks are usually triggered by a clogged drain or broken door, whereas washing machine leaks mainly stem from leaky hoses.

Moreover, refrigerator leaks are common in fridges with poor insulation. In order to prevent such leaks, fridges should be inspected frequently and rarely moved from their position in the kitchen. Otherwise, the puddles on the floor will stimulate mold growth and spread an unpleasant smell throughout the entire home. Click here to learn more about the leaks coming from the bottom of the fridge.

Clogged drains

Blocked drains are a common root of residential water damage in North Hollywood households. Kitchen and bathroom drains are susceptible to clogging due to the accumulation of hair, dirt, and grease inside them. Also, clogged drains might be caused by an object stuck in the drainpipe, impeding water from flowing smoothly.

In addition, blocked drains are a threat to the condition of properties and the health of household residents. The longer these are left uninspected, the greater the likelihood of causing structural damage. For example, blocked toilets are the worst when it comes to creating a messy scenario, as toilet water is capable of flooding the bathroom floor in minutes. Hence, household drains are supposed to be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Air conditioner units

AC units are yet another frequent cause of water damage in North Hollywood homes. Nevertheless, such damage only occurs in cases when air conditioners aren’t maintained properly. The removed moisture from indoor air drains outdoors through the drainage system of the AC unit.

Nevertheless, water damage occurs when drain lines are blocked with debris and dust. In such scenarios, there is no way for moisture to leave the house, thus accumulating in the ducts. Consequently, condensation causes floor and wall damage by making insulation wet. In order to prevent condensation, make sure you clean and replace AC filters when necessary.

Bad weather

Severe weather is often to blame for causing residential water damage. Heavy rains and snowstorms have the capacity to flood households by bringing water to the doorsteps of homeowners. Once the land is no longer capable of absorbing moisture, homes are at high risk of becoming flooded.

Since weather conditions are unpredictable, homeowners in North Hollywood can only take precautions to mitigate such damage. For instance, sump pumps and foundation vents are considered beneficial in preventing floods, so make sure you install such devices if living in a rain-prone area. As soon as heavy rain is announced on the forecast, inspect the gutters for potential clogging.

Furthermore, leaky roofs even further increase the risk of flooding, as these are the main points of entry for rain and snow in a house. As a result, household residents whose roofs are deteriorated or simply old are likely to experience such problem every time a heavy rain or snowfall hits the area.

Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters are responsible for water damage in numerous households in North Hollywood. Not cleaning them regularly leads to water overflow in the event of rainy or snowy weather. Instead of rainwater flowing away from the house after passing through the gutters, it penetrates the foundation and results in cracking.

Homeowners dealing with clogged drains are likely to spot puddles in their basements, as rainwater finds its way there after penetrating the foundation. As a result, basements become thriving places for mold growth and a source of a musty smell. Make sure to inspect your basement for dampness after heavy rains so as to prevent mold from spreading everywhere in the house.

A faulty water heater

Leaking boilers are another common cause of such damage in North Hollywood homes. These leaks stem from lack of maintenance or bad installation of the unit. Sometimes, the pressure in the tank is so high, making such leaks inevitable.

Even though this type of leaks are generally obvious to spot, the high cost of utility bills is another indicator of such a household problem. The best way to prevent a leaking tank from flooding your bathroom or basement is to remove sediment and debris from its bottom a couple of times annually.

Final word

Time is precious when coping with residential water damage.

Hire professionals immediately after spotting the first signs!


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