7 Places Where You Can Use Folding Doors

January 5, 2021


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Sliding doors are now growing in popularity, especially because of its cool design and functionality. That’s why many are now planning to install folding doors in their homes! If you’re planning to do so as well, you might be wondering, “where should I place the folding doors anyway?”

From bifold doors Perth down to those with more folds and panes, read on to find out where you can place them in your house.

Where to Place Your Folding Doors

What’s great about folding doors (also known as bi-folding doors) is that there are so many types to choose from! You can find varieties of materials such as oak and white primed doors, or choose among different finishes and glazed options. That way, there’s a specific style according to your home’s theme and personality, making them suitable for any home.

These doors are pretty convenient, as they would curl (or fold) up, stashed against the wall to create a more open space. Once you figure out what style you want, the next step is figuring out where to put it. The possibilities are vast, making it tough to determine where to place them! Here are a few awesome ideas:

  1. Use Them as Room Dividers

This is probably the most common use for folding doors! They can divide rooms so you can have a large room to entertain guests, then convert it to smaller rooms for privacy or to keep people cozy.

When dividing a room, you’ll most likely want one pair of double doors so you get as much open space you can. Larger rooms may need two or more pairs, which can make a huge impact and a grander look. Select glazed options for the room to appear brighter, too!

  1. For the Living Areas in Smaller Homes

One huge benefit of folding doors is that it can create more space in any home, making it look larger. That’s why you can use it in living areas of a smaller home, or in just about any room of the house. You can fold the doors back rather than opening into a new room like traditional rooms to save space, regardless of how small your home is.

That’s why folding doors are great for apartments and flats, or even townhouses and terraces, creating the bijou residence style.

  1. The Wardrobe

Not a lot of people actually realize how advantageous it is to use folding doors as their wardrobe doors! I mean think about it, how sleek and stylish would it be to have matching interior and wardrobe doors? Not only that, but think of the space you can save and how fancy it looks as you check your closet out?

When you coordinate your door designs creatively, it will make your home’s theme truly pop out, giving a striking look for many to admire. And also, you have more space to store your belongings, whether you have. a dressing room or closet.

  1. In the Pantry

You don’t need to limit the use of folding doors for the wardrobe! Whether you have a large cupboard, laundry room, pantry, or other types of space, you can combine glazed and/or solid folding doors.

This allows your home to have a beautiful and seamless design, as well as to keep your space private. Or, you can show them off for everyone to see with glazed doors, having the area look bigger.

  1. Improve Your En Suite

Do you have an en suite or rooms with adjoining bathrooms? This is truly a luxury! With folding doors, you can have the en suite look as spacious as possible, maximizing the area you have and adding a bit of an extra design to the bathroom.

  1. Corners, Patios, and Extensions

Folding doors can also be used to create extensions and seamless transitions from the indoors to the outdoors. You can use it for the living area, balcony, patio, or porch transition. It’s a smooth and elegant way to enter or exit rooms with more brightness and a grander door.

If your home has a corner that overlooks the garden or patio, then you’ll want an open-ended view with folding doors. Or, as I mentioned, folding doors also work greatly when connecting patios to your home’s interiors. When the doors are opened and folded against walls, you and your guests have an open and unobstructed view, which everyone will appreciate.

  1. Home Office Doors

If your home has an office or conservatory, you can have folding doors to have privacy when you need a quiet area or keep it open when not in use.

Besides the home, one can also use folding doors for commercial purposes! You can use it for office doors, stores, supermarket entrances, or even in restaurants.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to using folding doors, just like any element and part of your home, you have to place it strategically. This is so your home will look great while still keeping it functional.

I hope that this article on where to place your folding doors helped you out in home design! Use these ideas and start planning out your dream home or renovation to take advantage of the benefits folding doors offer now.

Do you have questions or want to share your insights on the placement of folding doors? Share them in the comments section below, I appreciate all of your thoughts!

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