7 Stunning Contemporary Glass Design Ideas for Your Home Project

January 28, 2021

Have you been thinking of making some changes to your home? If so, you should consider making some contemporary glass changes. Contemporary glass designs can add a nice luster to your home design.

They can add elegance to your home. They work well for your windows as well as for redesigning your doors.

You can use contemporary glass for creating mirrors, shower doors, and much more. This is a time-consuming feat, but one that you'll find worthwhile.

Here's what you should consider for your home:

1. Bathroom Mirrors

Consider changing the mirrors in your bathroom to make it easier to prepare yourself for each day. You should look into these optic capabilities for these types of mirrors.

You might want each mirror to have the vanity mirror feature. This is a magnified mirror that zooms into your face. It helps when shaving, brushing your teeth, applying face creams and makeup.

2. Glass Doors for Showering

It's time to make changes to the partition for your shower. One great option is a translucent glass door.

These can be sliding doors or push/pull doors. The translucent glass door will show a silhouette of the person showering.

This is a great option for a master bathroom. It creates intrigue and is something that many couples wish for. You can choose a clear, white, or light blue coloring for these glass doors.

3. Clear Glass Windows

As simple as they might sound, there's nothing more stunning than clear glass windows. These are perfect for living room windows or windows facing your backyard.

You can also choose the type of window first before opting for the glass. You can choose a bay window, a dome window, and much more.

Once you've found your design you can cut the glass to place in the window. Make sure you take time to choose the material you want. You can choose aluminum, wood, metal, etc.

You can also choose glass that amplifies light, has tints on the inside, or that has minor engraving.

4. Stained Glass Designs

Have you ever walked by a church and marveled at the stained glass windows? Stained glass is an incredible aesthetic found in many buildings to add to their overall beauty.

Many homeowners want their houses to have radiance throughout. This is where stained glass can help you. You can first choose the color schemes you like and then opt for the designs. Take the time to research stained glass examples before choosing as these can take a while to install.

5. Etched Glass Designs

If you want a design but don't care for the exuberance of stained glass, then you can try etched glass designs. You can choose an aesthetic you like and guarantee your privacy.

These etched glass designs are also great for reducing glare. This makes it perfect for living room windows. It's also great for interiors such as mirrors and doors for walk-in closets.


These can also get used as designs for your household items. For example, do you have a kitchen cabinet where you keep the best silverware? Does this cabinet already have a glass window for peeking in? This is where you can add etched glass designs.

You can also opt for etched glass designs on some of your doors. Do you have a door that leads to your pantry? Why not install a glass pane and etch 'PANTRY' onto it? There are many great options with etched glass designs that you'll enjoy around your home.

6. Protecting the Staircase

Do you ever worry about falling over the staircase in your home? This is especially a danger if there are young children or elderly persons in your home. A great option to prevent accidents is to enclose the stairs with glass!

One option is to install a glass separation between the staircase and the surrounding area. You can install a door handle on the glass to create access to the staircase.

A second option is to install glass panes on the sides of the staircase. These can help break a fall. If someone trips on the staircase, they won't fall over because the glass pane will protect them.

This isn't used by most homeowners, but it's something to consider if you've had staircase accidents in the past. These are simple to install and won't take more than a few hours.

7. Placing Glass

Are there any open spots in your home where you can place glass? These can enhance the aesthetics of your home. They can also serve a functional purpose.

For example, do you have a bathtub? After a long day do you like to rest in the bathtub? If so, you might also want a nice view while you relax.

Consider installing a window with clear glass so you can enjoy the outside view. If you don't want to look outside, you can install a small glass pane as a mirror.

Are you a busy professional? Do you need to quickly get dressed in the morning? There are contemporary glass options to place mirrors right in front of your bed.

Do you like the cinema experience? A great alternative to a projector screen is to install a large opaque glass pane against a plane wall. You can then project your movies to this glass pane to enjoy your film.

If you want to figure out where you can place glass in your home, make sure you consult with your interior designer. They can help you do a walkthrough and advise you on how glass can enhance your home experience.

Choose Your Contemporary Glass Options

Now you know all the things you can do with contemporary glass. Use this guide to help you decide what's best for your house.

It's best to consult with an interior designer on what changes can get made at home.

We encourage you to experiment with these renovations. There are so many contemporary glass options that can add to your home's beauty. They can also have many functional aspects that you'll love.

Please share this guide with other homeowners. You can find other home renovation tips on our website.


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