7 Vertical Storage Solutions For Your Home

January 27, 2021

Whether you live in a smaller space or you simply want to create more room in your home, vertical storage solutions can help. Taking up less space than other forms of home storage, implementing vertical storage will allow you to open up more space in your home. And, with a little imagination, you can also create storage spaces that will be key design features in your home. Who wants to stay organized all the time. These people look all organized, like who has lots of clothes he/she must organize their clothes in such a way that is looking nice. In that case, a staple gun is useful for making the work easy.

Vertical storage solutions are a great addition to just about any room in your home. From creating more cabinet space in your kitchen to freeing up floor space in your bedroom or keeping your garage more organised, there is no shortage of how vertical storage can be used. Consider your storage needs and the design of your home to find a solution that will give you the best results.

Let’s take a look at seven vertical storage solutions that you can easily add to your home.

A Coat Stand

Adding a coat stand to your hall or entryway is a great way to add a functional but stylish piece of furniture without taking up much room. Coat stands can fit into small spaces allowing you to implement them in your hallway design with ease.

Hanging Pots And Pans

Pots and pans take up a lot of space in kitchen cabinets. Try suspending your cooking implements over your kitchen island, on the wall behind your stove or from a towel rack on the wall. Not only will they be easily accessible but this storage option can add some style to your kitchen design too.

Back Of The Door Storage

There are a multitude of over the door storage options that can be installed with ease. From hanging linen baskets to robust shoe racks, hanging back of the door storage is versatile to be used in just about any room of your home.

Hanging Jars

Whether you use this design tip to store your herbs in the kitchen or your hardware in the garage, hanging jars can be very useful. Mount mason jars on the wall using strong magnets and label your jars so you can grab what you need when you need it.

Install Shelving

While shelving is certainly the classic vertical storage solution, nowadays, there are more shelving options available than ever before. From built-in shelving to corner shelves, floating shelves and fixed bracket shelves, there is an option available to meet just about any need. Shelving comes in a range of different materials so be sure to choose a style that matches the aesthetic of the room in question.

Wall Baskets And Containers

Wall baskets can be fixed directly to the wall or suspended from hooks offering a great vertical storage solution. These can work great in kitchens, pantries, kids bedrooms and garages to keep clutter at bay. Likewise, other types of containers can be used to store documents and files in your office or kitchen. Use your creativity with wall baskets and containers and find a solution that works best for you.

Hooks And Racks

Using hooks and wall racks in the right areas of your home will help you to keep your space neat and organised. Using strategically placed hooks in the kitchen, for example, will allow you to hang aprons, towels and even cooking utensils in convenient, easy-to-reach locations. This not only frees up more counter space but it also makes your kitchen more functional and more pleasant to use.

Choose Vertical Storage Solutions That Best Meet Your Needs

Vertical storage solutions are a great way to create additional storage space in your home without having to occupy any additional floor space. As every home is different, be sure to take some time to think about your unique needs so that you can choose the best solution for you. With the right vertical storage solutions implemented in your home, your home will feel more spacious and easier to manage moving forward.


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