Cube Lighting and Cube Design – Your Guide to Modern Lighting

January 29, 2021

Home décor could be interesting and frustrating at the same time. This is because a particular aspect cannot control the result of the entire project. This implies that you may have the best furniture but if the rugs or wallpapers are off, the beautiful work will be futile.

Lighting is another aspect of design that can either add a finishing touch to the theme in a room or throw it totally off balance. This explains why it’s an important factor to review when you plan to decorate your new apartment or redecorate the old one.

When it comes to lighting styles, you can make a statement with modern lights. It is also referred to as a contemporary style and has the ability to complement and blend with different home décor designs. So, if you’re interested in ensuring that your home has a lively modern twist, this article explains all you need to make it happen.

Why Is Modern Lighting Unique?

There are different lighting styles in the interior décor industry. They include Victorian, vintage, natural, and Industrial. In so many ways, modern lighting system is both different and similar to some of the classic styles we mentioned. However, it’s the numerous differences that project it among the best styles in the world today.

We can summarize modern lighting in 3 words: sophistication, clarity, and geometry. The geometry aspect comes from its characteristic designs and shapes. They include polygons with sharp edges, squares, curves, cubes, and perfect circles. You may want to visit to find interesting information about the cube light design.

In terms of clarity, the contemporary style makes a room appear more illuminated than it actually is. Imagine it to be an alternative to natural light. This is something that club and vintage lights cannot do. This clarity places it as a suitable option for working areas like the kitchen, study areas, and dining room.

When you combine the geometry and clarity of modern lighting, you will get a sophisticated style. And it is suitable for everyone and anyone.

Tips for Using Modern Lighting in Your Home

Below are some tips for selecting the accessories you need to light up your home in style and how to utilize them to get a great effect.

Floor Lights

These accessories combine the wow factor, aesthetic appeal, and functionality of modern lighting into a single neat bunch on your floor. To reduce tripping incidents and to make the best out of the light, you can install them along the walls that are facing the middle section of your room.

Track Lights

These are a more elegant and modern version of the string lights. They are suitable for large rooms and hallways as it offers continuous illumination with little gap shadows.

Wall Sconces

The sconces come in various shapes such as squares, ovals, and circles. You can have them on the ceilings and walls. And you can create them as a DIY project. You only need bulbs, scissors, and some metal sheets.

Improvise with Mirrors and Glass

If you’re practicing frugal living, you may want to improvise. You can place fragmented pieces or a whole mirror around the wall lighting fixtures in various shapes. This will help to reflect the light for the sake of clarity and provide a similar geometry that characterizes the contemporary style.

You can also use bottles and glass jars as lampshades or chandeliers. That way, with a small monetary investment, you can achieve a modern look.


You can use a monochrome theme to complement modern lights. This implies that your walls, furniture, or anything else in the space will align with a mono-color plate scheme. Your room will have a sophisticated feel and appearance that other combinations won’t give you.

Mixing and Matching

If you love colors or do not like monochromatic themes, you can opt for mixing and matching. You can interweave contrasting colors to achieve a sophisticated and snazzy outcome.

To get the best out of this style, a contrasting color should be on your light fixtures, lamps, or chandeliers. For instance, do not place a silver chandelier in an orange and red room. Instead, you can have orange chandeliers in a room with red walls. The result will be unbelievable.

The Etiquette of Modern Lighting System

With the tips we have shared above, you are set to have an awesome lighting setup. However, you need to remember some cardinal rules when handling modern lights. They are:

  1. Avoid the use of colored bulbs. They are a separate type of lighting style and won’t work if what you want is the modern feel and look.
  2. Avoid choosing the obvious. We know that modern lights are about making statements that people do not expect with simple but incredibly peculiar pieces. Hence, when you want to pick from a lampshade that has a plain cylindrical look and one that appears outrageous in a key shape, the second item will be a better choice.
  3. Avoid overdoing it. Your target should not be quantity but quality. So, find the minimum number of fixtures and bulbs that are powerful enough to create a great effect. This is preferable to having several underperforming bulbs.
  4. Do not be too careful or reticent. Just as its name suggests, modern lighting system is about trying new and unique things. So, don’t be afraid to use unusual placements and unconventional designs.
  5. No part of your house should be left out. Modern lights are one of the styles that can sit well in any room. You will not only create an aesthetic appeal but also clarity for working in every and any room.

You may want to read this article to find out rookie mistakes in lighting and how to avoid them.


We cannot deny the fact that modern light has come to stay. Due to its flexibility and versatility with respect to design and application, many interior décor enthusiasts are bound to love it. We shared some tips that can help you to make the most out of your lighting accessories regardless of whatever budget you’re working with.

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