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Engineering Marvels: A Look at the Skyscraper Construction Process

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 meters, is an impressive feat. While this is true, all skyscrapers are impressive and clear examples of what modern architects can do.

When it comes to skyscraper construction, though, things get complicated. Keep reading for a brief overview of the process used by architects.

Skyscrapers: Big, Bigger, Biggest

The term “skyscraper” refers to a building with more than 50 floors. Most of the big cities across the globe have used technology to build up rather than out. This has helped boost the inner-city populations and provided plenty of office space to ensure thriving businesses can grow.

Fighting the Force of Gravity

One of the main issues architects and builders face when trying to build up is gravity. Think of it this way – having one person on your shoulders may be difficult, but not impossible. However, if another person is added on top, you will likely collapse under the weight.

This is why it is necessary to create a pyramid of people – as cheerleaders do. This helps to distribute the weight more evenly and across a bigger base.

A tower will be able to stand when it has a larger, more solid foundation. Help creating the foundation and following levels is possible with equipment from companies like Shannahan Crane & Hoist.

Modern Advances in Steel

Steel and iron production has helped architects achieve new heights when it comes to building even taller buildings. It was not possible to keep increasing the strength and width of concrete foundations, which led to iron and steel products’ mass production to create taller buildings.

Longer beams of iron meant that the lighter weight material would be able to hold additional weight. This led to taller buildings.

Creation of the Steel Skeleton

Modern-day skyscrapers are created with a steel skeleton structure. This is done by creating large girder grids, which are metal beams that are riveted together to create vertical columns.

On each floor, the vertical columns are connected to the horizontal girder beams. This helps to reinforce and strengthen the structure.

Additional support can be provided using diagonal beams in between the girders. Together, these connected beams are called the superstructure. When done properly, the building’s weight is shifted to the vertical columns created.

Understanding Skyscraper Construction

When it comes to skyscraper construction, there are some in-depth, unique building techniques used. Above is a basic overview of the first steps of the process.

Understanding more about skyscraper construction can help you see why this is such an amazing feat of architecture. Also, as buildings get taller, new and innovative construction methods are being used, ensuring they are fully supported and safe.

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