Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do With Your Kids

January 18, 2021

As adults we often both look forward to and dread home improvement projects. We love the idea of making some worthwhile and substantive changes to our homes, but all too often when it comes to actually doing the work we soon regret what we let ourselves in for. Kids can be even harder to engage in work around the home—why would they want to do hard adult work when they can run around a play.

Introducing your kids to home improvement tasks can be a highly rewarding experience if you can persuade them to take part. It will teach them some valuable skills and is also a fun and engaging activity if you pick the right areas to focus and work on. In this article, we have a few ideas on the best kinds of home improvement activities you can work on with your kids. This list is only the beginning. Once you have them interested and engaged, there are hundreds of ideas and activities you can do to involve them around the house.

Planting a Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is possibly one of the most rewarding activities you can do with the kids to improve your home. It is both simple enough for the youngest kids to help with, and has long-term potential as you plant, care for, and finally harvest the crop. It may even help to encourage those reluctant to eat vegetables to give them a try after they have been a part of the growing process. If space is an issue, you don't have to go all-out with a large vegetable patch. A small indoor vegetable garden offers all the same advantages as an outdoor one, and in many ways can be better as it allows the kids to see its progress and development more regularly.

Decorating the Letter Box

Decorating your letterbox is a really simple and easy way to add some personality and character to your home, and it's also an easy task you can involve the kids in. Decorations can range from painting and adding trinkets, to simply decorating it with some stickers that have the benefit of easily being removed and replaced later.

Give the Old Furniture a New Life

Furniture often takes a beating when kids are around. It's not malicious or intentional; even the most careful children will sometimes get too rowdy playing or have an accident spilling some juice. It can be tempting to simply replace old and worn furniture, but there is a better way. Sprucing up old furniture can get it a whole new life, allowing you to get many more years of usage. It is also an easy task to help get the kids involved with. Some parts of furniture restoration are best suited to adults, but there are lots of ways you can involve the children. Painting old wooden furniture is a particularly good choice for involving the kids as it's easy to do and they can help pick the new colour. Older kids may be able to help with sewing, sanding, or general furniture repairs.

Clean Out the Junk

All homes have a habit of building up junk that serves no purpose other than to occupy space, and that problem is only compounded when you have kids around. Everything from old toys to half-finished projects clutters the home taking away valuable space and leading to arguments and stress. While it can often be a challenge to convince the kids to help with the tidying, involving them in the clear-out process, especially when it comes to clearing olds toys, will make them feel more valued, engaged, and will reduce the likelihood of arguments about discarded toys that hadn't been touched in years, but were a prized possession the soon as you throw them away without them knowing.

Bring the Big Screen Outdoors

It's hard to fit a kid who doesn't like watching a movie, often on repeat, and movie time is a popular family activity. An outdoor cinema/entertainment area is the perfect way to keep everybody entertained in the warm summer evenings, and it is also a great project to work on with the kids. Some of the technical setups (e.g. projectors and sounds) will likely have to be done by an adult, but the kids can help with seating, hanging the projection screen, and of course, setting up the snack counter.

Hang Up Photos

While hanging up pictures may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for activities to do with the kids, it can actually be a wonderful experience. The actual hanging is probably better left to the adults, but you can have great fun looking through old pictures and artworks with the kids to select what and where it goes on the wall. It is a fun way to reminisce and give the kids some say in how the house is decorated.

Everybody with kids knows how much of a challenge it can be to keep them entertained. It can be an even tougher challenge when you are trying to maintain a well-kept house, and even do a few improvements when the kids are always getting underfoot. Rolling the two jobs into one is a great way to free up some time, without leaving either your home or kids feeling ignored. The above tips are just the starting point. There are countless ways to engage with your kids on home improvement projects with a bit of ingenuity and creativity. What's more, having the kids help you doesn't just free-up time, but will help form stronger bonds and give them a sense of pride and accomplishment of the work they have done in the home when they get to enjoy its benefits.


Christina Elroy
Christina is a proud wife, mother, entrepreneur, author and world traveler. Previously a successful business woman who gave it all up to raise children, Christina spent a lot of her free time during those years flipping through books and learning about a plethora of topics.

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