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How much value will be expected to add to our resume from the CAPM course

The Certification of Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM is awarded to the candidates from PMI. The certification of CAPM provides worldwide recognition to the candidates achieving the following. The candidates who aspire to make their career in the field of project management get global recognition from the following certification. The CAPM credential shows as well as enhances the knowledge of the individuals in the field of project management. The knowledge of the candidates from the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is also demonstrated from the following certification. The knowledge or the understanding which the individuals gain from the following certification can be applied to their respective designations. The following also raises the competence level in any project. The following certification can also add immense value to the resume of the candidates, making them the first choice in an interview.

The CAPM certification is providing us with core project management philosophies as well as knowledge of some five methods like :

The five processes involve:

• Initiating

• Planning

• Executing

• Monitoring

• Controlling and completion

What Do You Learn in CAPM® Certification?

It’s quite beneficial to have the CAPM as we will get to learn to align our work with the standards needed from project management teams. Among employers, those individuals who all are having CAPM get higher credibility, PMP credential holders, peers as well as project managers. For learning the course structure, we need to learn some basics of it :

• Project and organization lifecycle

• Project management processes

• Project scope management

• Project integration management

• Time and cost management

• Quality management

• Human resource management

• Project risk management

• Communications management

• Procurement management

• Stakeholder management

Criteria required for the eligibility of CAPM certification : 

The candidates are required to –

• Minimum requirement is high school diploma certificate or global equivalent.

• Need project experience of about 1,500 hours or else 23 hours of management training except for the examination, which is also a minimum requirement.

Benefits of CAPM Certification

One of the most popular prerequisites is CAPM certification, which is helping employers for finding the professionals who best suit them while fulfilling particular roles in their organization. On critical responsibilities, the certification validates the individual’s knowledge as well as experience, which are the main abilities.

From the beginning of every industry, it’s quite necessary for project managers to have engineering, information technology, and much more. Being in the CAPM certification helps to open up many opportunities.

Career Incentives – We can launch our career and also making new roles, as well as responsibilities, are increased in an organization. These all can be done by having CAPM certification, which is a prerequisite. The holders of CAPM have proved themselves that they can manage the increased responsibility.

Global Opportunities – CAPM is one of the globally recognized certifications, which is also a benefit. We can easily work anywhere as per our wish and also got an opportunity to travel around the world more places with much better projects.

CAPM salary – An individual’s salary will increase by 25%, which is provided by CAPM certification. These depend upon some factors, which are job description as well as country, then the certification becomes a bonus for any resume. Here non-certified professionals don’t get much play, but certified candidates can at least demand better pay. Mostly, employers don’t value much to non-certified ones but give value to PMI-Certified and give incentives to expert minds on the board.

Personal Growth-In career, as well as work prospects candidates, are being in a much better position to diagnose. Among the candidates, the learning material of CAPM fosters confidence and makes them better aware of tools as well as the best practices in project management. There is a requirement of real-world experience and not just “textbook stuff” that earns one of the CAPM certifications.

The CAPM® PayScale- One of the best paying jobs on many professionals surveys is Project Management. Annually $90, 000- $150,000 is the salary of project managers. For certified professionals, the CAPM salary is $92,000. The IT industry who are top paying regularly pay salaries above $100,000.

Expected job profiles – For beginners, the CAPM is an entry-level training course where it is designed for those who don’t have any experience in the field. It teaches the candidates about its basics, fundamentals of project management, which consists of project management terminologies, knowledge as well as effective practices.

There were many case scenarios which the CAPM certification Training incorporates, give case study for the different learning experience, also demonstrates participant’s understanding of project management terminology, methods as well as industries best methods and it’s initiations for making project successful and needs relevant knowledge as well as skills needed for passing the CAPM certification exam.


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