How to improve your credibility as a landlord with EICR

January 11, 2021

It is the major responsibility of a landlord to take absolute measures for ensuring a tenant's safety. These steps include providing a space with operational security and a place where electrical appliances are safe to use. For this matter, you need a Residential Electrical Installation Condition Report.

This report will enable you to have substantial evidence of the safety of your residence. Moreover, it allows you to have a massive boost in your credibility as a landlord.

Responsibility as a landlord

Your foremost duty is to get yourself a valid and satisfactory EICR from a qualified engineer. This will automatically showcase your sincerity towards your tenants. You must hand it over to the tenant before the commencement of his or her tenancy agreement. If you have existing tenants, make sure to give them the report within 28 days after electrical inspection.

In case a local authority asks for the report, make sure to give them within at most 7 days. This report will be valid for five long years, and you can continue to cherish the safety of your residence.

EICR Renewal

Having an EICR doesn't mean you're safe for a lifetime. Getting your electrical system checked regularly is fruitful for your business and helps you achieve a secure lifestyle. According to law, a new EICR renewal means a new tenancy, and in case of failure of compliance, it can lead to hefty fines and penalties.

All about regulations

For all the private landlords out there, you need to be absolutely sure you're following these regulations for a secure tenant experience.

  • Get a valid EICR and hand it over to your tenants within the period of 28 days after inspection.
  • Also, give a copy to your local housing authority within a period of 7 days when they send you a written request for it.
  • Try to retain a report's copy until the next inspection process and show it to the next inspector to avoid any inconvenience.
  • In case your report is unsatisfactory, get the remedial work completed as soon as possible. Once done, obtain a qualified electrician's written statement that all remedial work has been completed according to the regulations.
  • Supply this copy of written evidence and your EICR to the local housing authority and the tenants to receive a functional report.

You need to ask for a certificate from any inspector or electrician, the EICR will itself define the safety of your home. This report will generally include

  • The results of the inspection of your home's electrical system
  • If required, a list explaining the remedial work that needs to be done to qualify for safe residency
  • The date of the next due inspection

Point to remember

Make sure you consult a qualified electrician with a good work experience. Only then will you be able to have the peace of mind of a secure electrical system.

As a landlord, you need to go the extra mile to ensure a safe place for your tenants. This will bring safety in their lives and paint a positive picture of your image.


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