How to incorporate social media marketing for your summer camp

January 26, 2021

Marketing is an important element for the success of your summer camp. Think about this, you must bring in new campers each year so that you can fill the gap of those who relocate too far away to participate or who age out of the summer camp’s offerings. One of the best marketing strategies is perhaps summer camp social media marketing.

Therefore, for your social media marketing strategy to succeed, it needs to apply to campers you’re attempting to attract and those who have already participated. This post explains how to incorporate social media marketing for your summer camp.

Invest in your website

Your website is usually the first place children and parents will visit to learn about the summer camp’s programs, watch videos, read FAQs, and what makes your summer camp unique. Some of the great summer campsites have several good characteristics. These include engaging videos and photos, detailed FAQs, information requests and registration forms, and responsive design.

When it comes to social media marketing, you can find various social media platforms to market your summer camp. One of the obvious platforms is Facebook as many people are usually on this channel. But it can sometimes be hard for businesses to get their page followers organically.

Therefore, you may have to boost the posts or even run an ad for your post to be read by many people. The good news is that advertising on Facebook can be quite cost-effective and with the advanced targeting features, it can be a great tool for reaching your target audience timely.

Children can also have a huge influence when it’s about deciding if they desire to go for summer camp or not. After all, kids spend a lot of time online, so make sure that you have a good presence on social media platforms.

Share registration forms

No doubt, online registration forms for summer camps can be a great marketing asset. So to improve attendance at the summer camp, there is a need for potential campers to access a registration form easily. This means you must regularly share this registration form across all social media platforms.

The more regularly you share this registration form, the better the chances for the children and their parents will see and complete it. Even if the person doesn’t want to complete the registration form, just seeing it again will force them to complete filling it.

This is the reason why you must make sure that you are active on social media platforms. Keep in mind that many social media sites can prioritize content from only active accounts. Hence, you need to post regularly and even share the registration form to improve its chances of your followers and newcomers seeing it.

It’s worth noting that the registration form can be the last stage you can try to convert potential campers into participants. So you need to send this form far and wide to get the word out about your summer camp while trying to convince interested people to finish their registration.


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