How to Make Your Apartment Complex Pet-Friendly

January 22, 2021

It's no secret that people love their pets. Your cats and dogs and everything in between are considered family. So when people are searching for their next home, they make decisions with their animals in mind. Is the location close to a park? Will the animal have enough space within the apartment? How can you guarantee the safety and security of an animal while you're out and about? These are the questions people are sure to ask when it comes to finding an apartment complex fit for their four-legged friends. So if you own and rent out an apartment complex, you may want to consider how to make it more pet-friendly.

So many more people own animals nowadays. In the current world climate, it can be helpful to have that extra friend who gives you unconditional love and support. And when people aren't cutting it, you turn to your pets. As more and more renters are looking for pet-friendly places, it will only benefit your business to meet that growing demand. Animals have different requirements than humans when it comes to being comfortable in the home. Create spaces with pets in mind, make sure they will be safe and secure, and also watch your back as an owner. But when you take the extra steps to make your apartment complex more pet-friendly, you are showing your renters just how much you care about them and their families. Here are just a few tips for creating that perfect apartment complex where all creatures are welcome.

Start by keeping things secure.

One of your top priorities as an apartment complex owner is security. Everyone wants to live somewhere where they feel safe and protected. Give that peace of mind for your human renters and their puppy or kitten. Usually, this requires some video intercom or lock on the exterior of your buildings. A cloud-based apartment intercom system can be a perfect solution, especially in larger apartment buildings. Having an intercom in place that only tenants can use will help keep unwanted guests out. This protects the people in your building and the pups, cats, birds, and lizards. You want a full access control system to promise that safety and security for all family members within your building.

Add protection to the items in the apartment.

Keeping unwanted visitors out is a huge priority, but you also want to protect everything inside the apartment. If you plan to have large dogs or mischievous cats running around, you need durable amenities within each unit. Speak with a window contractor in Dallas about installing new windows with long-lasting durability. These contractors also may be able to help you secure other parts of your property. While your tenants will typically train their animals to behave well within the apartment building, you don't want to leave anything to chance. From efficient windows to sturdy appliances to stain-resistant floors, take steps in advance to guarantee your property will look nice and be taken care of for a long time to come.

Provide pet walking areas and small parks.

Animals aren't meant to be cooped up in a small space for too long at a time. They like to go on long walks or enjoy some outside time every once in a while. One way you can make your apartment complex incredibly appealing to dog owners in particular is by including a small dog park or specified walking trails. You provide the area; the tenants can provide the best retractable dog leash. With comfort grip and tangle-free leashes, your renters can take a nice, long walk with their pooch and have just the right area to do it. It's a good idea to create an area within your complex where dogs can run free, and dog owners can enjoy some time outside. Who knows, you may even get a rambunctious cat or a friendly lizard out there as well. Having that designated space shows you care for your guests and want to give visibility to their pets’ needs.

Charge a small, reasonable pet fee.

Now, making your apartment pet friendly does come at a small price. You end up with a higher risk of damage or issues when a tenant owns an animal. You don't want that to stop you from welcoming all four-legged friends to your complex, but you still need to make financially smart decisions for your business. It is common for apartment complexes to charge a pet deposit or monthly fee for cat or dog owners. This may be a good idea for you to do as well. Just be sure you aren't charging an outrageous amount. In fact, if you can lower your price, it may make you even more appealing to renters with animals. Ensure you are covering yourself with the added liability, but don't make it so unreasonable that you end up turning pet owners away.

Provide information on local daycares and pet stores.

When you move into an apartment complex, you typically get a packet of information on a bunch of local venues. It will tell you where the best pizza place is, where the nearest fire and police stations are located, and what school district you're in. Maybe you can add a section for pet care. Include the closest pet stores, doggy daycares and dog boarding facilities so your residents can have the info they need right at their fingertips.

Have toys and snacks at the office.


Pet parents love it when they can go to their favorite establishments and get something special for their animals. A restaurant that offers water bowls for dogs who sit outside or Starbucks offering "Pup-achinos" are just a few of the genius ways companies market to animal lovers. You can do your own version of this right in your leasing office. Consider keeping a small assortment of toys and snacks for pets if their mom or dad needs to come in for a brief meeting. Again, this shows residents that you are willing and excited to go above and beyond to give them great care.

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