Mammoth Tents Classic Clone and Hydroponic Grow Tents

January 11, 2021


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Many wanted their plants to have plenty of sunlight, but they can't justify spending a lot on a greenhouse. Fortunately, there are alternatives for plants that are grown indoors. There are hydroponic garden tents that are a great addition to your tools and equipment.

The hydroponics way of farming involves skipping the soil and making the most of nutrient-rich water. It uses aqueous solvents and mineral nutrients as solutions. The roots of many terrestrial plants are exposed to the nutritious liquid, and the roots can be usually surrounded by media of substrates, gravel, and perlite.

About the Tents

These portable canvases are reusable, and there are mammoth sizes that can help you grow vegetables in a hydroponic way. You can find them on sites like and get more specifications about big sizes if those are what you need. They are easy to assemble, and the big doors can give you easier access so that you can tend to your plants better.

Maximizing Sunlight and Other Lighting Sources

You may have an indoor hydroponics garden that lacks containment. If so, you may want to know that the plants lose a lot of quality sunlight when you compare them to enclosed facilities. The enclosures like Classic Clone can reflect the light rays back into the garden, otherwise lost in other circumstances. The lights bounce everywhere, and it will reach plenty of areas indoors.

Without the grow tents in place, the location where you are developing your hydroponic system will look like it has too much light. They can have an unappealing look and too much brightness if often bad for the eyesight. You can know more about the other benefits of tents on this site here.

Get the Right Size for your Plants

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You need to know the right length, width, and size that is right for space where you intend to grow your plants. The tents should have extra space to allow maintenance and set-ups if necessary.

Know your garden goals and the size that you need to achieve them. If you plan to grow six potted flowers, a 4-ft tent may be the right one for you. The plants' size will affect the tent's measurements, and if you are going to harvest continuously, you may want to get extra space for easier movements.

Many flower harvesters usually need a tent for flowering, vegging, harvesting, drying, and curing. Since the strains will vary, the enclosures' size can be different from each of the growing phases. Many growers may prefer smaller plants in clusters where auto-flowering strains are present. Others train the plants to grow wide through the SCROG way. Read more about the SCROG method here:

The SCROG technique involves lowering down the upper branches. The overall goal is to distribute them in an even plane. This is where screens are placed above the growing medium, and the mesh can maintain the plants' shape.

Benefits of a Grow Tent in Hydroponics

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1. Climate

One of the significant issues when it comes to plant cultivation is climate. Many plants can grow and thrive in one condition but not in another. The tents will allow you to grow strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and beans in controlled temperatures.

Regardless of the season, you can cultivate the plants that you need, and you won't have to worry about the weather outside. If you can manage the cold and hot temperatures, you can expect delicious lettuces and peppers before long.

2. Control the Odors

One of the benefits of getting a Mammoth Classic Cyclone is that you can be in control of the odors in your hydroponics garden. An excellent kit can provide you with the structure you need and a good ventilation system.

You can combat the odors, and everyone around you may even appreciate an installation of a carbon filter in your garden. The filter can be a source of fresh air supply, which is something that your plants can also appreciate.

3. Good Lighting

The kits include lights so that your plants can receive plenty of chlorophyll. The whole kit comes with lights so you can check some plants at night. The tent's interior is reflective, and your hydroponics garden will get more than the light that they need instead of bouncing the rays off in the atmosphere. You can customize the lights and make it look like a garden full of delights at night.

4. Space

Growing a garden, the hydroponics way may take up a lot of space. This is why there are mammoth tents that can cover your spinach, basil, and chives. If you live in an apartment or an urban area, space can be an issue, and you may want to reconsider your decision to become sustainable. You can learn more about sustainable agriculture in this link here.

Fortunately, the tents can allow you to do your set-up almost everywhere you prefer. There's no need to install a greenhouse, and you can even get 2x2 tents for free corners. If you have plenty of space for your hydroponics garden, there are 10'x10' ones that are available for you.

5. Everything is Easy and Simple

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One of the benefits of the tent is that it's easy to set-up. The kit does not involve much maintenance, and the metal frame designs will ensure that everything is sturdy. You can even hang lights, fans, and air filters on the sturdy frames, and first-timers can easily follow the instructions. You can watch videos and read the manuals for an easier time setting the tents up.


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