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The accommodation for the students of Bristol

Students usually prefer to study abroad after completing graduation. Some students prefer to migrate to other nations after completing their school diploma or 12th grade. So, the students should seek for an accommodation in a new place when they study abroad. They should live in a place that is secure, safe and environmentally friendly. Many students prefer to visit Bristol because some of the renowned universities are located here. Some of the world’s reputed universities are located such as City of Bristol College, University of Bristol, SGS College Filton, University College, and Trinity College etc. So, the students who secure admissions in these colleges should seek for private student accommodation Bristol. The students also require some important services such as electricity, gas, water, insurance, parking, broadband, kitchen, etc.

The type of accommodation to seek in Bristol

The students can seek for different types of accommodation such as Private halls, private rented homes, family stays, private halls, University halls, etc.


Some students who can afford to live in a luxurious room can live in studios. Studios are posh independent rooms consisting of kitchenette. They can also live in a 1-bedroom apartment but studios are cheaper. The students can enjoy the rich amenities to live an independent life. The students can cook their own food, sleep comfortably on a comfy bed and live in a living room. It is a self-contained space that also consists of a separate bathroom. It is a large room that does not contain any partition.


It is a posh room that consists of a comfortable bed, but not a kitchenette. The students should usually gather in the common dining hall for meals. The students can enjoy their privacy and live comfortably. They can also study comfortably and also lead a comfortable life. It is a room that adjoins the bedroom and these en-suites are usually cheaper than the 1-bedroom apartment. So, the students seeking for private student accommodation Bristol should find the best en-suite accommodation.

Hall of residence

These are also known as University Halls and are meant for the students who are studying in the first year. The students should become adaptable to the culture of the place and hence they should live in a university hall along with the other students and members of the university. They can easily make friends when they live in a university campus along with the other students. They can live along with their classmates and also clarify academic doubts. They can eat their meals along with their friends in the common dining hall that is built by the university. So, the students can live in a secure place.

Students living in a private house

The students can also live along with the landlord independently. You can pay monthly charges to your landlord and avail the facilities. The landlord can also provide you the amenities you require such as electricity, broadband, catering, and also can provide a separate room to live. It is one of the best accommodations provided during your University Days. You can also live along with your friends and share the rent. The student should sign an agreement with the landlord before purchasing a room on rental basis. The agents can search for the best landlords who can provide the required amenities to the students. They can fill their form and the students should arrange for their utilities. The private house is usually cheaper than a private house. The students can also avail food facilities if they live with the landlord. The students can live in old Victorian and Edwardian houses that are cheaper. But the students should consider certain factors such as house condition etc. Some houses are well-maintained and some houses are not well-maintained.

Private flat share

The students can also live in a private flat. The students can choose to live in a shared flat as most of the students cannot afford to pay the entire amount. The students cannot afford to buy apartments separately as they are expensive. So, if the students live together they can share the rent along with other expenses such as electricity, gas, internet etc. The students can avail the amenities that they cannot live in university halls, hostels, etc. The students can live independently without any supervision. The students can enjoy company and can also socialize along with their friends. The students can share their kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.

Living with a family

The students live like a family member and adapt to the cultural lifestyle. If a student is studying in the first year of the university, then he should live safely and securely. So, the student can opt to live along with a family, and then they can learn the cultural lifestyle of the place. Then, they can easily socialize with the people of the city. The students can also mingle with the family members and develop a close bondage. The family may also provide the students a place to study. But, some families do not easily allow the students to go outside the premises.

The students should consider some important points before searching for a house of accommodation. They should live in a place that is ideal for them. So, they should consider the following points:

Budgetary factors, locality, noise and other factors

The students should consider financial factors before choosing any accommodation. They should live in a place that offers reasonable rent. They can live in university halls if they are studying in the first year. If they can afford to buy expensive homes, then they can buy homes such as apartments, studios, en-suites etc. Otherwise, they can live in a private hall that is owned by the universities or landlords. The students should live in a place that is free from miscreants. The house should be located near the grocery store, ATM and hospitals. The student should be able to study comfortably and live peacefully. He should not be distracted due to noise. The place should be preferably free from pollution.



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