The ultimate guide for the glow-up your apartment is yearning for this pandemic

January 27, 2021


We’ve been stuck in the pandemic and a cyclic routine of quarantine since we’ll, what seems like a gratuitous forever. During this time most of us have been spending our days binging shows on Netflix or baking (possibly banana bread) or just online shopping and accumulating all sorts of miscellaneous items for ourselves when we finally come out of lockdown while simultaneously being guilty of neglecting the living space that we’ve been contained in, choosing instead to simply sweep all the dust under the rug. But let’s on take our vengeance out on the four walls encapsulating us and instead revamp them in a manner that will bring a sense of ultimate bliss and fill you up with an undeniable sense of accomplishment and gratification.

Let’s DIY

Since all of us have plenty of free time on our hands and nowhere to go the best possible way to maximize benefits from this dreary social isolation is to take on small projects of your own. It isn’t particularly hard to find what we are looking for when it comes to personal preferences, experience with craftwork and guidelines that’ll help us get to the finished product step-by-step. If you’re brainstorming for ideas, we might have a suggestion or two to get you started.

Try Macramé – a form of textile produced via simple knotting techniques to create fun looking wall decorative pieces, curtains, plant or even polaroid holders for a visual wall – to give your apartment that retro look from the 70s. You could alternatively invoke your inner Bob the builder and set about using your tools to generate beautiful pieces of furniture from materials as redundant as empty crate boxes, an old spare tyre and rope or even empty glass bottles and mason jars. All you need to do is log on to Pinterest or YouTube or even Tiktok for the most accessible DIYs. Just be careful not to be swallowed into the whirlpool of simply watching aesthetic decorative compilations but doing nothing!

We now are selling some Macramé from local artists directly on our shopping page!

Macramé Planter Upcycled crate Centre table

Become a plant parent

Since most of us can’t go outside, let’s just bring the outside in! Start by adopting a series of plants that are beginner friendly, are generally resilient to various conditions as to allow you to adjust and get yourself acquainted with the needs of your new guests until you become more confident to house plants of the more exotic and sensitive nature. Some plants that won’t have you googling ‘Why did my plant die?’ the very next day and are a good starting point include:

  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Pothos
  • Snake Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plants
  • Oakleaf Ivy
  • Spider Plants

Go deeper than just the surface

Instead of simply rearranging your sofas, ornamenting your wall with a picture frame or adding a vase of blossoming peonies to your coffee table try diving deeper to accomplish a more through cleanse. Start by opening those closest and kitchen cabinets and the daunting cartons you stowed away once upon a time. Take down your curtains and give them a wash, dust out your rugs and cushions, wipe down all the stains you may have left when you forgot to use the coaster. There are several other steps you could take in order to upgrade your style of living. This could include colour coordinating and coding the items in your closet.

Likewise, you could arrange your jewellery and ornaments in aesthetic holders or cases. Printing out labels and sorting everything in your kitchen from cereals to flour and coffee to ground spices into stackable jars could really enhance the sense of organisation in your apartment. If you’re daring enough you could even restock that refrigerator of yours, throw out that suspicious looking package at the back and fill it with greener goods for that fitness resolution of yours.

Declutter and cleanse

The best possible way to upgrade that apartment of may perhaps be getting rid of some things that already exist rather than adding on to what you already have. This would free floor space, lend a minimalist and sophisticated aura to your abode and give the illusion of a more spacious environment. Start by listing and sorting out knick-knacks and pieces you’ve been collecting on your shelves, the equipment you once bought but no longer use or the clothing and ornamental pieces you’ve been thinking of getting rid of but never got around to doing.

To make your task allow us to intervene. All you need to do is call us at Find SkipBins; with our service extending over a vast majority of states we will be at your doorstep in no time helping you to dispose of or deliver to the nearest charity all the items you no longer have use for.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s so much that we need to do!


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