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Trenchless Pipe Relining

When your sewer is broken, you need to take action as soon as possible.

A broken sewer can leak sewage in your property and cause irreversible damage. You should call a professional plumber to ensure that repair is done soon to avoid further damage.

The plumber needs to have the right tools and have the knowledge of working with trenchless pipelines. Otherwise, they will use the old method of repair, which is in itself clumsy.

As such, you should ensure you get the best pipe relining company in Brisbane to do the job.

The old method of sewer repair

As you look for a plumber to do the sewage repairs at your property, you should be sure of the method they intend to use.

Since the sewer is buried underground, it may seem like the only way to fix it is by digging up the sewer line.

As much as the method may work, it may be costly. For instance, it’s difficult to tell where the leak is coming from. As such, the plumber may be forced to dig out the entire pipe.

The job may not take one day, and you’ll have to pay for every day that they work on the sewerage system.

You may also end up with a lot of mess around your property, which will lead to more expenses of trying to restore your landscaping.

Trenchless pipe relining

Instead of digging up the entire sewage pipes, you should get a professional company or plumber with the ability to do trenchless pipe relining.

With this new technology, you don’t dig up the sewage, but you enter the pipe from one end and then deal with the problem from there.

Unlike the outdated method, in trenchless pipe relining, you only need about two holes in the entire compound, which doesn’t cause a lot of damage to your landscape.

The trenchless pipe lining is by far less costly than the outdated method in terms of time, money, and damage caused on your property.

The trenchless method is ideal for use in different types of sewerage lines. Whether your sewer pipeline is made of clay, iron, or concrete, it is bound to become weak and start falling apart at some point. The trenchless pipe lining offers an excellent option for repairing it.

How does trenchless pipe relining method work?

Trenchless pipe relining is not for your ordinary plumber. It requires heavy-duty tools and equipment that you may not get from your local plumber or company.

So, how does it work?

First, a technician will visit your property and assess the extent of the sewer line damage. The technician will inspect the sewer line by putting a video camera cable through an access. The technician will use hydro-jetting to clear out the sewer line.

After establishing the problem, one or two holes are dug. One hole will be where the sewer pipe meets the city’s main sewerage system and where the line meets your home’s plumbing.

Next, a deflated pipe liner is pushed through the old pipe using hydraulic equipment. The deflated pipe is coated with epoxy. The machine goes through the sewer line one more time, inflating the deflated pipe and sealing it to your pipeline. The compressed air is blown into the liner, which pushes it outward towards the inside walls of your old sewer pipe.

The epoxy coating creates a hold that makes it as durable as the new pipe.

You then give the new pipe enough time to dry and seal before reassembling the piping.

When it dries up, it has a solid line inside the old pipe that resembles the old line, and it closely resembles the heavy-duty PVC pipe.

Note, the new pipe will have a reduced inside diameter compared to the old pipe. But it will be smooth to allow for smooth passage of waste.

The sewer line will work like new without digging out the entire pipes.

Note, if your old sewer line has collapsed, the trenchless pipe relining method may not work. It will also be a challenge if sections of the old sewer line have offset from each other.

Won’t harm trees

If you have trees that you want to save as you repair the sewer line, then the trenchless pipe method is the way to go. You don’t need to cut trees in the sewer pipeline, and you don’t need to dig them out.


Trenchless pipe lining is the new technology that makes it possible to repair the sewer without digging the old one. It takes you less time and effort if you use the method.



















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