What is Arcade Arcade Architecture and What Does it Have to Do With Ottonian Architecture

January 11, 2021

Arcade Architecture is not what you might be thinking... its not arcade games, but it is just as fun!

Architecture arcade definition: Arcade in the realm of architecture is a sequence of arches supported by columns in a colonnade, a corridor sandwiched between arches and a solid wall, or a sheltered walkway that opens up to adjacent shops and cafes.

Ottonian Architecture is a structural style that advanced during the rule of Emperor Otto the Great. Arcade Architecture is also a cool style that we will mention later. Ottonian style was found in Germany and endured from the mid-tenth century until the mid-eleventh century. The Ottonian design draws its motivation from Carolingian and Byzantine engineering. Clerestory, gallery, and arcades within architecture are the examples of Ottonian architecture. In which arcade architecture progression of arches supported by columns, clerestory refers to a clear glass window that is situated close to the top of the church in Ottonian design and gallery is between the arcade and the clerestory. The ubiquitous Corinthian-derived capital and simpler forms like chamfered or cushion capitals - the latter perhaps originally decorated by painting - seem to be the only parts of the buildings that gave opportunities to the masons to exercise their carving skills.

Arcade architecture first developed during the reign of Otto the Great and lasted until the mid-eleventh century and is a time in history that can be accredited to many astonishing examples of arcade architecture. Arcade architecture was inspired by Carolingian and Byzantine architecture and foreshadows Romanesque architecture in some of its features, including alternating columns and piers in regular patterns.

Surviving examples of this style of architecture are found today in Germany and Belgium. The exterior of many historic examples is stacked in rows of marble arcades around the sides of the church. Arcades could be used to great effect, both externally and internally, as exemplified by the church of Santa Maria della Pieve, in Arezzo.

Columns on apse of medieval Santa Maria della Pieve church, Italy, Arezzo (Architecture and Buildings) arcade,columns,portici,black and white,ancient,borgo,italy

The arcade architecture of a cloister is typical of a single-stage; the arcade that divides the nave and aisles in a church, however, is typical of two stages, with the third stage of window openings known as the clerestory rising above them.

A shopping arcade refers to a multiple-vendor space, operating under a covered roof. One of the earliest British examples of a shopping arcade, the Covered Market, Oxford, England was officially opened on 1 November 1774 and is still active today. The Covered Market was started in response to a general wish to clear "untidy, messy and unsavory stalls" from the main streets of central Oxford. The French architect, Bertrand Lemoine, described the period, 1786 to 1935, as l’Ère des passages couverts. He was referring to the grand shopping "arcades" that flourished across Europe during that period.

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