What Is Undercarriage Damage? How It Happens

January 26, 2021

What Is Undercarriage Damage

Cars can be a lot like people. As humans, we tend to take care of our exterior by wearing nice clothes, putting on make-up, getting regular haircuts, and cleaning ourselves daily. However, we can be faulted for not taking proper care of our bodies by eating the wrong foods, not exercising enough, or drinking too much alcohol. What Is Undercarriage Damage? Find out.

When it comes to cars, we typically pay more attention to what we can see, like the topside and the interior. When it comes to the undercarriage, very few people pay it any attention and disregard any damage it may have. However, your undercarriage can also suffer damage and can require replacement parts or services.

Damage to the undercarriage of your car includes damage to the frame, axles, body, fuel tank, exhaust, suspension, and more. With more than 284 million motor vehicles in the US today, a sizeable number of these may have worsening undercarriage damage without knowing it.

Read on to learn four common causes of this and the best place to find undercarriage parts in the United States.

1. Road Debris

Whether on the highway or off the beaten path, a variety of road debris can issues with your car's undercarriage. Debris can include rocks, potholes, rubber tire pieces, or branches.

These objects have the potential to puncture the oil pan or damage a muffler. Cars with low profiles are especially prone to damage from road debris. Road debris also plays its part in the 35,000-plus traffic deaths in the US each year.

2. Mud Residue

This can be a common issue depending on the area you live in. When mud becomes stuck to your car's undercarriage, the moisture can corrode its metal by rusting it. This can result in holes across your undercarriage's metal, which can lead to a variety of problems unless treated.

3. Road Salt

Salt helps to make our roads safer by melting ice. However, it can cause issues with your car's undercarriage in the process.

Salt that splashes and sticks on your undercarriage can corrode the metal similar to mud residue. Sealants can be applied to the undercarriage of cars to prevent this from happening.

4. Shock Absorbers

If your shock absorbers are worn out, they too can result in damage to your car's undercarriage. Worn-out shock absorbers can result in a bumpy ride, which increases jolts. This can loosen the many brackets on the undercarriage of your car.

See here if your car has suffered undercarriage damage or you would like to protect your car from potential future damage.

Protect Your Undercarriage From Damage

If your undercarriage has suffered damage, it is important to receive quick and effective repairs. If you are concerned about the condition of your undercarriage, it is equally important to have a professional look at it.

What Is Undercarriage Damage? Now you know. Like this blog post? Lastly, for other great articles, check out the rest of our blog.


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