Why are Gaskets needed in the Building & Construction Industry?

January 3, 2021

A gasket is an essential component in the building and construction industry. Generally, a gasket can be used to form a seal between contacting surfaces to prevent air or liquids from leaking. However, in pressured or flawed bodies, gaskets can function to create a tight seal. Gaskets are made from different materials, but steel is the common material in most gaskets. These various types of gaskets perform multiple purposes depending on their type. Some are used in cars, others in building and construction. Always remember to select quality gaskets regardless of the intent to ensure maximum durability and protection.

Why gaskets are essential in the building and construction industry

Gaskets can serve several purposes in various aspects. They are needed in the building and construction industry because of the following reasons.


To serve as a flexible seal to fill two compressing surfaces.

In building and construction, a gasket can be used to seal surfaces to avoid leakages. For instance, when you are laying a pipe under or in a building, you can use a gasket to create a tape in the points where the two pieces of pipes conjoin. This will help prevent gases and liquids from escaping out of the pipes or even preventing other material from getting into the pipeline.


Reduce sound and noise (soundproofing)

Some types of gaskets are specifically designed to reduce noise and sound into and out of a room. An example of this tape is the Acousti-Gasket rubber gasket seal that uses cellular membrane technology to reduce sounds transfer. This seal is made from viscoelastic and low-density rubber, making it a poor sound conductor or transmitter. In other words, this rubber seal dissipates sound energies. If you live in a noisy neighborhood and look for ways to prevent those noises from getting into your house, the best solution is to use a gasket material.

These materials have materials that act like springs; they compress and spring back in response to the force of excitation. Other sounds attenuating materials include nitrile sponge, urethane foams, and silicone rubber foams.

To reduce or damp vibrations

Although the primary function is to create a tight tape, it can also dampen vibrations in buildings. This can be in industrial equipment and machinery HVAC systems, computers, automotive vehicles, and household appliances. The gaskets meant for vibration dampening have a greater sound and vibration absorption energy. Not all gasket materials can be used for vibration attenuating. Some of the materials that gorilla manufacturers use to manufacture vibration attenuating gaskets include

  • Closed-cell sponge
  • Silicone rubber
  • Pvc sponge
  • Felt and cork

To prevent water ingress through walls and windows.

Excessive water ingress into walls can dampen the walls, not advisable in the building and construction industry. Gaskets in building and construction will help prevent excessive water by absorbing the moisture.

To absorb moisture to prevalent wall cracking and maintain the building’s foundation

If a wall series too much, it might crack any time. And once a wall cracks, a building’s foundation is destroyed. so, to prevent cracking, it is advisable to use gaskets to absorb some moisture, especially in sunny and dry seasons, to absorb the little water in the air for perfect building construction.

To offer environmental protection against dust

Gaskets are of great help when there is a need for tape against weather, dust, and other contaminants like chemicals. Gaskets from www.gorillagasket.com completely close the material that needs protection to ensure no chemical element can reach it.

Gaskets are of different types of materials specific for particular purposes. Just like in the building and construction industry, gaskets are different and serve various functions. The safe operation and longevity of a gasket dramatically depend on the material you chose. Always remember to select the right material for the best overall results. Any material can be used to manufacture gaskets but look into the material’s ability to provide a proper seal.

But in most cases, manufacturers use cork, rubber, and paper due to their flexibility. The material used will determine a gasket’s property. A quality gasket should allow the taping surfaces to be dispatched and reassembled for maintenance purposes. And most importantly, if you are a homeowner building your house or a constructor who needs high-quality gaskets for homes, be sure to get them from a company that values quality.


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