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Your Home Remodel

If you’ve just bought, built or remodeled your home, file this information away for future reference because only those who have lived within un-updated domiciles for a while will find this topic resonating. You know what you’re thinking, too, just having read that first sentence. You’re thinking about the awkward flow in your kitchen that makes cooking a chore instead of a joy. You could be picturing your bathroom and those outdated fixtures. Perhaps you’re considering space that seems…wasted to you. Whatever it is, there’s no time like the present to figure out what remodel project you’d like to tackle.


Ugh! It’s not like school, though. You don’t need a stack of 3×5 note cards to make vocabulary flashcards. No, this research can actually be fun. Sit down with the people in your household and some popcorn so you can check out ideas by surfing through custom home builder pictures. Oh! Don’t forget a notepad so you can jot down the specifics of the pictures that appeal to each of you. Also, while you can keep a budget number floating in the back of your brain, take this time to dream a little. Besides, once you start working with a contractor, you may find that your dream isn’t actually out of your budget depending on how flexible you are and creative your contractor and/or decorator is. Pick a project that works for your family and makes your home more livable for everyone. A better-designed kitchen can encourage cooking collaborations. Redesigning your bathroom could cut down on the time everyone spends there. Utilizing a wasted space gives everyone more breathing room.

Resale Value

If the reason you’re upgrading isn’t for your own family, you’ve probably got an eye towards your home’s resale value. Pick your project carefully. While you don’t want to go over budget, you also don’t want to pick a project that won’t really add much to your bottom line when you sell. You can use a home renovation calculator to help you figure out what a well-done project can potentially add to your resale value depending on your area. Your goal should be to add value to your home without breaking the bank. Weigh the cost of the renovation against what value you’d add to help you decide if everything’s worth it to you.

There are four areas of your home you should consider if this is your focus. The bathroom is number one. A mid-range renovation is your most cost-effective. Your home’s exterior is a good candidate for replacement, as well. Newer siding options can resemble cedar shingles, stucco or stone, are long-lived and fire retardant. A mid-range kitchen remodel can pay you back, also. Don’t consider this if you need to move plumbing or electrical connections or your flow isn’t functional. You’re not going for a total overhaul, just a polish. Converting your attic to a bedroom and bathroom could pay off as well, especially if you’re in a home with no master suite.

Whatever your motivations for your home remodel project, be sure it works for your needs.


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