Trendy yet Timeless Bedroom Mirror Ideas

February 26, 2021

Nothing provides more depth and dimension to a room than a mirror. Floor mirrors, wall mirrors, and vanity mirrors can add light to a space and create the illusion of a bigger area. Aside from making rooms appear larger, wall mirrors offer a discreet, trendy way to cover imperfections, maximize mild, and provide a second look at your favorite accents.

How Do I Place a Bedroom Mirror?

There are many different types of full-length mirrors and full-size mirrors that you can buy online these days. A full-length bedroom mirror will not only help you get a personal dressing assistant but also make your bedroom look more complete. You can place it inside a walk-in closet or at the corner where you usually get ready for the day. You might even want a full-length mirror so that you can get ready and check your outfit from top to bottom and maybe beyond that sometimes. There are many options available to you when it comes to full-length mirror frame materials and shapes.

Some choose full-length mirrors that have also a mirrored frame. The frame could also be made out of high-quality precious metals such as silver or copper. The framing could even be made of wood, resin, or plastic but with a metallic finish. Most people prefer the wood look and others go for simple particle board, plastic, aluminum, or fabric.

There's almost an endless variety when it comes to any mirror, including full-length bedroom mirrors. There are numerous different sizes, frame styles, mounting styles, materials, and pricing available for you to choose from.

While most people use their full-length bedroom mirrors with the longest side vertical to the floor, you could even position the mirror horizontally for a different look or equip your home with leaning mirrors for a sophisticated, eye-catching look.

The taller broad shapes of leaning mirrors make any space feel more expansive. Picking a leaning mirror with a unique frame for a chic finish—make a statement with all-natural materials such as hide or wood. I recommend keeping one in your bedroom or walk-in closet for a full-length reflection of the day's look.

Set an accent chair or bench nearby for an easy-to-access surface to organize the evening's dinner look or even your work clothes for the next morning.

For a contemporary look choose a frameless floor mirror. The minimalism lines and sleek silhouettes of these pieces bring an element of boundary-free style to your space. A standing mirror usually comes with a stand so that you can set it up wherever you want.

The wooden full-length, full mirrors are perfect examples of minimalist mirrors that you can set up at a convenient place. The wood used to make these mirrors is very well under a strict quality check, making them a durable and strong option.

Local artistic glass shops also usually have a selection of full-length bedroom mirrors available. Another benefit is that you have somewhere you can turn if an issue arises with your mirror.

The cost of the full-length mirror depends upon its size, frame material, and quality. Bigger mirrors with high-quality metal frames could cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars.

An elaborately custom carved frame mirror is a good choice for a contemporary bedroom or a space where you want to have some feminine aesthetics.

I use this NeuType mirror in many of my designs because I know I can never go wrong with it's simple elegance.

 A simple, wood-framed full-length mirror will go well for a modern, traditional, or rustic room.

Same as when buying any furniture for the house, choosing the mirror's frame should maximize the style of the room.

Plastics and other low-quality wood/plastic combinations are typically the most inexpensive options, but you trade off quality, which could be the right choice for you depending upon your lifestyle. There is an exception to this as you can see below a high-quality designer mirror made of plastics.

ULTRAFRAGOLA mirror, designed by Ettore Sottsass. Italy, 1970.

This is the mirror that is raging overall social media platforms currently. Chique yet elegant, this mirror is truly one of my favorites as a designer. Most of my clients can not afford this special mirror (typically around $10,000-$15,000) but I found one on Amazon for $3,000. This vogue designer mirror is made of molded fiberglass with a wooden back and shaped mirror. The frame is white, turning pink when the lights are switched on.


If you have a leaning bedroom mirror, make sure that it is positioned securely against the wall. A full-length bedroom mirror is a large mirror, so extra care should be taken when handling it. Place a full-length bedroom mirror in an area where there is not much traffic such as a corner of the bedroom, or hallway.

You can save your budget if you get a narrow mirror; this mirror also makes your reflection look slimmer and skinner. For a more realistic reflection, get a mirror with a proportionate size. You can even ask your local mirror shop to custom size a mirror for you. It is totally up to what fits best in your bedroom and how large of a bedroom mirror you want or can afford.

If you are unsure of where to get started on your online search, I suggest reading this review guide of Singulart and First Dibs.

When it comes to a mirror above the vanity, the right size mirror should be long enough vertically to allow everyone a reflection in the space. A rule of thumb is the mirror should not be wider than the sink, vanity, or dresser. The mirror also shouldn't be conspicuously far above the sink nor unless it is a huge mirror, too close to the sink. You first need to measure your dresser table before going to the furniture shop to choose your bedroom mirror. The dresser table must be wider and taller than the mirror to create a balance between the two.

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