3 Best Ways to Boost Your Travel Instagram Blog for Business Opportunities

February 10, 2021

It is indeed important to promote your travel blog through social media platforms. The best option for you is Instagram, the photo-sharing social app to boost your travel blog for possible business opportunities. If you would like your customers to find you, social media presence is mandatory. As far as traveling is concerned, Instagram is the best inspiration source for travel bloggers and businesses. That is because Instagram is visually rich and appealing, where you can post high-definition photos and videos of exotic locations.

According to an article published on Smartinsights.com, if you would like to make your mark in the travel industry, share unique, diverse content consistently on Instagram. You need to publish high-resolution images that would make people feel the vibes of a beach, a hill station, or a historical town. Your goal is to make people pack their bags and hit the roads.

Therefore, if you want to take your Instagram travel blog to the next level, here are three best ways to do so:

1. Pick a niche carefully

The key to the success of your travel blog is choosing the perfect niche. When it comes to a travel blog, it attracts different kinds of travelers, but you require a niche to stand out from the rest. For example, you can show your expertise in landscape photography, or prove your mettle in food photography, because dining is an essential aspect of traveling. You need to choose a niche that you like and stick to the same.

Even if you are posting Instagram images of a particular travel niche, it does not mean all your content is of that niche. Try to take your audience by surprise by posting different types of content, posts, and unleash the creative side of you. However, when a travel enthusiast views your travel IG profile, he or she should have an idea of your blog and identify the niche that you are best at, on the photo-sharing app. That is because a specific niche helps in defining your target audience.

While choosing your niche, take some time out to understand what your competitors are doing. If you feel, you have the right expertise to stand out from others, carve a niche and go ahead.

2. Create an interesting bio

The first people notice on your Instagram account is the bio and therefore, you need to make it as interesting as possible. The bio tells your target audience about your persona and experience as a travel aficionado or blogger. Create a one-off and fun bio to pique audience interest. The IG bio has character limitations and therefore, you need to use short sentences, apt keywords, and a couple of fun emojis to tell your story interestingly. Once you’re set with the bio and start posting stunning travel content, you can buy 50 likes on Instagram and increase that number with time and user engagement.

When people land on your IG account, they would like to know you, what your blog is all about in the first place. You may not use all the characters provided you manage to keep your bio clear and it targets the right audience.

You can connect your IG account to other social media sites, like integrate a link to your blog or YouTube channel. It will make your travel Instagram more credible and increase follower count in less time.

3. Gain some experience of traveling

If you would like to create a robust IG travel account, you must have sufficient travel experience and share the same with your followers. In simple words, you need to pique the audience’s interest by posting jaw-dropping travel photos and videos.

When you are completely sure about your niche, it is time to post stunning Instagram travel content consistently. The best way to delight your followers is by posting travel content from your experiences. You could post images or videos of pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, splendid sunrises, dining experiences, nature, wildlife, and more. The choices are endless when it comes to travel Instagram

Additionally, it would be easier to design catchy Instagram posts because you will use visuals of exotic locations from your experiences. Extensive traveling requires good money and so you can start making some money from your travel Instagram account. You can collaborate with a travel agency, an airline company, or for that matter, a hotel or resort would help you save travel costs.

What you can do is request a travel agency or hotel that you are good at Instagram photography and they can use this skill set to use the photos and videos of stunning travel destinations on their website and blog pages. It may take some time or travel agencies or resorts may not reply the first time, but you need to connect with them on Instagram to make things happen.


Your goal is to delight your followers with daily wow moments on Instagram and follow these tips and tricks to gain business opportunities from your travel Instagram blog.

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