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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Noosa Apartment Rentals for Holiday

A perfect vacation destination in Noosa will require choosing the best apartment rentals as you plan for a home-away-from-home holiday experience.

However, it takes a great deal of knowledge to choose the best Noosa apartment rentals when visiting this hub of fashion boutiques, white sands and beach houses.

Getting these things right will determine how much fun you enjoy during your stay in this resort area.

Hence, we’ve listed and explained these factors, so you ensure to tick the boxes as you plan your trip.

1. Location

Location is everything when sourcing for a Noosa apartment rental for a holiday. Hence check for accessibility, security, the proximity of the apartment to the shopping centres and much more during your findings.

Even though Noosa has a good reputation for being the best holiday spot, there’s, however, the need to know where the prime areas lie when planning your visit.

Our best go-to destination in this Aussie region include:

Sunshine Beach and Sunrise Beach

This location exposes you to local life, the famous Noosa National Park, beachfront houses for a unique surfing experience, and restaurants for exquisite dinners.

Noosa Main Beach Area

If hitting your surfing goal is your focus, this area is suitable for you, especially as a budding surfer requiring gentle waves to master their surfing skills.

The famous Hastings Street shopping nestled in Noosa Main Beach and the koalas found on this beach give the area an edge over other places in the region and is preferable if you’d want a lavish holiday.

The Noosa River

The Noosa River can be your next stopover if you’d like to see the migratory birdlife and cruise on the Noosa Ferry. This spot will help you relish the scenic water views and enable you to discover how the sun rises and sets on the river – perfect for a family or romantic getaway.

2. Space

Space or size is also a factor to look into during your hunt for a holiday apartment since the expanse will affect your budget and occupants’ numbers.

For instance, Noosa heads rentals vary in space just as everywhere else. Some are quite spacious for full-time occupancy, while others offer lesser rooms. However, a bigger apartment guarantees more fun for your family, partner or friends as it’ll give you the freedom to move better and use some privacy.

To ensure you rent a suitable apartment for your holiday, check the floor size or reach out to the resort for confirmation during booking.

3. Resort and Apartment Facilities

When searching for rental apartments in Noosa, consider if the available ones satisfy your taste.

Most resorts in this area boast of a swimming pool, although of varying qualities. We advise you to opt for the ones around gardens with chairs and loungers that exude the holiday vibe you’d want. This way, you can relax around the pool with your pet, book or magazine in one hand and a Noosa beverage in the other.

Furthermore, you may look into extra security, elevator, gym, dishwasher, and washing machine and dryer when confirming the facilities present in your preferred apartment.

4. Budget

Your budget will determine the Noosa house rentals you consider. Rentals in Tarina street may differ in other areas like hastings street.

Proceed online to search for the budgets of the various streets or neighbourhoods in the area to ascertain the one tailored to your account.

If any rental price seems too low or high, compare it to other rentals in the area to ensure you don’t fall for any deception.

No doubt, these factors will help you rent a suitable holiday apartment in Noosa for a beautiful time at your vacation destination.


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