5 Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips To Follow This Summer

February 20, 2021

It feels like yesterday when 2021 began on a hopeful note, and here we are now, already approaching summer! This hot season can be heavy on your utility bills due to the continuous air conditioning needs but, you can save about 40% on those costs with a ceiling fan. You can save even more money by following these summer ceiling fan maintenance tips that will keep them running smoothly for years to come.

Carry out these measures every spring for a stress-free and cool summer that you can enjoy.

Oiling the ceiling fan

Does your ceiling fan make a haunting creaky noise when you turn it on? The chances are that the oil reservoir levels have dropped low. If you're going to lubricate the fan, make sure to read the user manual, especially if you have an unconventional model.

Usually, ceiling fans have a hole above their motors for the oil to be added. You will have to turn off the power, let the fan stop altogether, and then check the oil levels. To do so, use a pipe cleaner or a thin wire that you can push through the hole to touch the oil reservoir.

If the wire comes out clean, it means the fan needs oil. You can add a special ceiling fan lubricant or oil (non-inflammable) to drip through that hole. Wipe the area clean after that and check for any leaks. It's best to oil the fan after you have finished cleaning the motor, body, and blades well, as described below.

Cleaning dust off the blades

Dusty fan blades sprinkling generous amounts of fluff all over your otherwise spotless home is the last thing you want in summer. They are also very unsightly, and you don't want your guests glancing up when your home has impressed them!

To clean the fan blades, you will need a dusting cloth or long duster, a ladder, and a face mask. Ensure that the fan is properly switched off, then get on the ladder and start dusting the blades. If there are any stubborn spots, you'll want to use a surface cleaning solution. You may need to vacuum clean your room after.

The pillowcase technique is where people use old pillowcases to encase the blades and then slowly slide them out, trapping all the dust within. If you have dust allergies then, this is a good idea.

Don't forget to clean the canopy, motor housing, and downrod as well.

Changing the rotation direction

Ceiling fan makers recommend setting the blades to spin counterclockwise in the summer. The blades are angled such that the motion pulls warm air towards the ceiling and pushes it out laterally, thus cooling the room beneath.

In the winter, fan blades should do the opposite, push warm air down into the room if the blades are set to rotate clockwise. If your fan allows you to change blade direction, mark your summers and winters by making the right change.

Tightening the screws

You will want to check that the screws holding the blades and the fan to the ceiling are tight, regularly. Loose screws can make the fan wobble.

Balancing the ceiling fan

Ceiling fans may get wobbly with age, and if the screws aren't the problem, you'll want to check the blade alignment. Measure the distance from the ceiling and get them to be at the same level by adjusting the blade socket. Straighten out any bent blades.

If these fixes aren't working, you can purchase a blade balancing kit. They come with weights and clips to hold them to the fan. Slide them onto whichever blade is lighter and higher up in the wobble.

Always clean with a light hand to not disbalance the fan.

If you experience any problems that these ceiling fan maintenance tips are not resolving, then hiring an experienced handyman is the best move. You can plan in advance and get a home warranty from a company like Select Home Warranty that covers ceiling fans and much more.


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