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5 Essential Tips on How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Approximately 2 million Americans get injured every year due to work-related accidents. Although workers are protected by a state-regulated insurance program called workers’ compensation,’ workplace injuries are still a serious threat to the worker’s well-being. Some injuries can cause permanent disability and can even lead to death. This is why ensuring a safe working environment is essential for these employers.

Although it is undeniable that accidents occur every day, the majority of these accidents are avoidable. Here are five helpful tips for both employees and employers on how to avoid sustaining serious workplace injuries:

  1. Do not overexert yourself

Although working hard is good, overexerting yourself with your work can cause a serious toll on your body. Overexerting yourself can cause exhaustion, which can impair your judgment and affect the quality of your work.

When working, make sure that you evaluate your body on how much work you can handle for the day instead of pushing yourself to the limit. Being overly fatigued while working won’t only affect your body, but it may cause serious accidents in the workplace.

  1. Have an emergency safety plan

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace. Investing in an effective emergency safety plan is vital in preventing devastating accidents from happening.

Every workplace is different, so it’s best to design your emergency safety plan accordingly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers several training courses and education programs for different industries. If you are an employer, you can learn how to create an effective emergency plan through their training courses.

  1. Properly train your employees.

Properly training your employees won’t only boost productivity and efficiency, but it can also create a safer working environment. This is especially important if you are from the industrial industry where heavy machinery and complex equipment is involved. Having your employees properly trained will decrease the chances of mishandling the equipment and getting into serious accidents. Consider OSHA 10 online training courses as an investment in your employees to prevent workplace injuries before they occur and ensure compliance with all OSHA regulations.

It’s also important to properly educate your employees about the possible risks involved in their work. Disclose the risks and thoroughly instruct them about how they can avoid them.

  1. Make sure your employees have personal safety equipment.

Personal safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, helmets, earmuffs, shoes, and other garments are essential in protecting your employees from serious workplace injuries. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide their employees with their safety equipment.

It’s also important to inform your employees on how to use their personal safety equipment properly.

  1. Thoroughly monitor and supervise your employees.

Having managers and supervisors watching over your employees is vital in keeping the workplace safe. The manager and the supervisor’s job is to ensure that everyone is following safety guidelines and protocols to avoid accidents from occurring.

Regardless of their position, employees must also be encouraged to report any safety hazards observed in the workplace immediately.

Workplace accidents can cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and legal processes. Not only that, but it can also potentially cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for the affected employee.

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