5 Ideas to Personalise Your Kitchen in Style

February 19, 2021

Women, men and everybody belong to the kitchen. The kitchen has food! Conforming to recent trends and innovations, people are viewing the experience of cooking as fulfilling, even therapeutic for some – rather than just a way to fulfil the need of hunger.

Individuals prefer their ‘creation’ space aka kitchen bit more customized and personalized than generically. Read on to find 5 trending ideas to add that personal touch to your kitchen.

Personalize Your Kitchen Storage

The first rule in customising kitchen space design is managing in whatever storage space you have. Your bespoke kitchen would have to incorporate both supplies and equipment. An open plan might sound good, but having closets and drawers that encompass all little lying around stuff would add value points to your kitchen, and keep it all organised. Additionally, you can invest in spice organisers that fit right into the drawers. They make the shelves less crowded and save you time from finding the correct herb.

You can conceal your kitchen gadgets and tools if you structure bespoke cupboards and drawer for your needs, making the kitchen look mess-free and equipped for your subtle touches.

Personalise Your Kitchen Floor

This is an area seldom considered, more likely taken for granted too. A great deal of thought goes into the cabinets, the countertop and the backsplash while planning a kitchen. But the correct option of flooring may either make the design or ruin it.

A perfect choice for flooring in a kitchen is wide board flooring. Many people, with Saltillo tiles in a high-gloss finish, choose a Spanish style too. Vibrant-coloured countertops and cabinets complement the rich and rustic look to top it all off.

But if you prefer no adulterations, you can always strip off the designer flooring and keep your feet grounded in the original one. You can always add temporary or changeable accessories, such as rugs and mats (there are available many quirky quoted ones) to the floor which complement your choice and personality. If you decide to go the minimal option to factor in the materials, you will have to get rid of and it’s best to consider the costs of hiring a large skip maybe needed.

Personalise Your Kitchen Pendant Lighting

As the name suggests, these lights hang from the ceiling or a unit just like a pendant and are very much trending. They hang mostly above the island in a modern kitchen plan, to provide the residents with a soft, pleasant, yet consistent lighting.

Although there is nothing much you can do about its basic shape, you can always choose the colours and quantities in which you want the pendant lights in your kitchen. Some evergreen colour schemes are white and gold, rose gold, black accent, or even faux terra cotta cut-outs. To personalise, even more, you can install a couple of them over the sink area. If you like more than one design, you can always mix and combine them shapes to give a modernist and abstract approach to your kitchen.

Personalise Your Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter is the first and most prominent element of the kitchen that holds scope for personalization. You can personalize:

Special finishes: Basic and custom finishes headline nearly every surface material. Hand-applied personalised finishes can create one-of-a-kind shapes with stainless steel, for example.

Backsplashes: A fabricated full height backsplash style headboard offers a dynamic unusual water-resistant and aesthetically pleasing design for a solid surface. It makes a major and personal statement to set a couple of handmade tiles in a backsplash.

About kitchen tops, the off-the-shelf ones are cheaper, but you can get one handmade and fitted perfectly for your kitchen and change the whole look.

In high-end kitchens, personalised kitchen countertops are most commonly found, where designers and manufacturers can create personalised looks with special craftsmanship and unique components. For homeowners sticking to a reasonable budget, when integrated with uncommon off-the-shelf products, custom touches work quite decently.  A band of contrasting material made into a solid surface top could add only 5% to the price of a project.

Personalise Your Kitchen with Your Favourite Plants

The arrangement of kitchens with house plants is a simple and elegant way of building beautiful space and saving money. In new kitchen décor, green house plants bring soothing colour and freshness. Plant leaves significantly alter interior spaces. Green house plants are affordable decorations that clean the air and construct inviting and fun kitchen interiors.

Surrounding yourself with plants is good for mental health but if you make them herbs, they can be functional as well as looking great. You can grow a variety of greens such as Aloe Vera, useful herbs, English Ivy, Spider Plants or pretty polka dot plants.

Bottom line, your kitchen is your playground for creation. Make it a happy place, a place that is made by your preferences!


Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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