5 Reasons You Need An Electrical Inspection At Your House During Winter

February 4, 2021

You need to conduct an electrical inspection to monitor smoke alarms, protect the house from a power surge, and find faulty circuit breakers to prevent hazards

Winter might be enjoyable for many as they get to enjoy the holidays, but your house, especially the electrical equipment in your house might not like it. The harsh weather might cause a power surge in your house.

It is also during winter we see many houses catching fire. That is why it is very important to have an electrical inspection of your house in winter. For this inspection, you can call Supreme Electrical Experts, they will let you know which equipment needs an upgrade and how to improve the electrical system in your house.

What Is An Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection means checking thoroughly all the electrical wires, equipment, and electrical connection of a house. In an article published by Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it was shown that as many as 45,000 houses catch fire in winter every year, causing 450 deaths and 1,650 injuries.

Now, not all fires are caused by a faulty electrical connection, but it did have a part to play. A number of these fire accidents could have been prevented if there were proper electrical inspections.

By conducting an electrical inspection, you become aware of any signs that might cause a short circuit or any equipment that may create a spark.

These problems get even more severe in winter. As the weather is dry with very little humidity, it is very easy for any electrical equipment to create a spark and start a fire.

As the temperatures get cold, the electric wires increase their resistance, so more electricity needs to pass every second to provide sufficient power. The wires sometimes cannot hold this increased electric flow and, as a result, heat up and cause a fire.

To make sure you do not have to face such hazards, you must schedule an electrical inspection.

And if you are living anywhere in Miami, St. Louis, Chicago, Charleston, and West Palm Beach then you are in luck. You can call one of the best electricians from Bates Electric to come and conduct a full inspection of your house.

Now that you know what an electrical inspection is, let us take a look at why you should have an electrical inspection of your residence in winter.

1. Monitors Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In winter, most houses use a furnace to keep the house warm. The furnace produces carbon monoxide, which goes out through the ventilator. You can use a carbon monoxide alarm that triggers when there is excess carbon monoxide in your room. To avoid health hazard or fire from too much carbon monoxide accumulation, either you leave the room or open up more ventilation

As the alarm is an electrical device to measure carbon monoxide. In winter, it might get damaged and not work properly.

In that case, there will be no warning if the carbon monoxide level rises as the alarm will not trigger. So, you need an inspection for such electrical devices.

2. Protects Your House From Power Surges

Power surge means an interruption in the flow of electricity. A power surge can occur if electricity somehow flows in the opposite direction and collides with the incoming electricity.

When this happens, likely the device will not function properly, or there will be a huge spark. This increases the chance of your house catching fire.

For instance, if the oven or other electrical appliances are not getting enough power, or your heater is not working properly, there might be a power surge. After an electrical inspection, you will know the cause of the power surge and can take the necessary steps to repair the faulty line.

3. Allows You To Upgrade Old Devices

Without an inspection, you will not know which of your devices are outdated and prone to breaking down. If you do not replace the older model equipment with newer ones, they will burn out and stop functioning.

Normally, you may not notice any fault in your system. But with a closer inspection, you will find out the problem. You will notice that newer models give better support with less power consumption.

4. Lets You Check Rust Or Corrosion In Electrical Panels

Over time, your electric panels may get rusty or face corrosion. This becomes worse during the wintertime because of increased resistance. As there is a higher rate of resistance, the heat in the electrical panel rises when transporting electricity.

This damages the rusted electrical panels and shuts down the electric device.

An inspection will allow you to check if rust or corrosion is forming in any electrical panels. If you notice any rust or corrosion, you have to replace the panel to keep the device active.

5. Lets You Notice Any Faulty Circuit Breakers Or Fuses

Circuit breakers and fuses are the only safety device keeping your entire power line safe and preventing electrical mishaps. When there is a power overload, the circuit breaker breaks the circuit and cuts the power supply.

Now, it has been mentioned that power overload can be common in winter. So if your circuit breakers are faulty, there will probably be a short fuse.

Should You Hire A Professional Electrician?

This question might come to many. Is it possible to do the electrical inspection by yourself? Well, if you are an expert in electronics and know the mechanism of all your electronic devices, then yes, you can do it yourself.

However, everybody is not an electrical expert, so it is better to call a professional electrician to conduct the inspection. You may not understand most of the electrical devices and their functions, besides plenty of safety measures need to be taken before working.

The professionals have the knowledge and experience to execute such work. So, leave it to them.

Final Thoughts

Your house is your haven and to make sure it stays safe, you need a proper electrical inspection for the whole house. A proper inspection will allow you to know more about your house, the status of your electrical devices and take preventive measures against harmful uncertainties.


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