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5 Unique Ways to Revamp Your Gaming or Entertainment Area

Since we spend most of our time in our homes, we’re constantly looking for ways not to die out of boredom. And, this is the perfect excuse to upgrade your gaming or entertainment area. With that, here are 5 unique ways to revamp your gaming or entertainment area:

Display toys, collectibles, and merch

Who wouldn’t want to flex their all-fave treasures, right? In your gaming/entertainment setup, place a stand or wall brackets where you can display your vintage gaming consoles, figurines, or maybe your collection of Marvel, Grey’s Anatomy, and Friend’s DVDs.

If you don’t have any collectibles or toys to display, you can purchase Star Wars, Marvel, Anime merchandise, and more Friends products at Toynk, Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. You can also look around at your storage room for forgotten treasures. For sure, you can find one or two.


Replace sofas with bean bags and big pillows

Sofas can be bulky and might not be ideal for a bigger bunch. Bean bags would be more ideal. You have more space to play around and do some activities. Not only does it maximize the space, but it also gives more room for comfort for you and your guests. Throwing some big pillows would be great too, especially for those who love to lie on the floor or if your group of friends is the type to chill around the floor.

Leave space for a projector

There are mini projectors available online, and they are pretty affordable compared to the standard ones. If you don’t have a tv display in your leisure area, getting a projector would be your best choice.

You can get a projector screen if you want. They come in different sizes and styles. Some can be mounted on the wall, and some have stand-alone tripods on them, depending on what you prefer. But if you really want to save up, painting a wall with white would be more efficient and less costly. Plus, your view isn’t limited too, well, depending on the size of your wall.

Have a convertible table

Ever seen those convertible tables on Tiktok or Facebook ads? Yeah, those. They’re pretty convenient, I might say. Usually, these tables have more storage spaces, which is pretty convenient in storing your board games, cards, Jenga, and all that stuff. They come in different sizes, but you want to choose a table that is the same height as a coffee table so it would be more comfortable to play even you’re on the floor.

They come in different styles too. Some can be transformed into a long table, and some can be transformed into a round table. There are also others with a built-in chessboard, and some even have a billiards table under it. Depending on what you need and what suits your budget, you can always find one online.

Place a ring light with a tripod

This is not solely for Tiktok purposes! Getting a ring light is super convenient for streaming and capturing on-cam embarrassing moments of your friends. It will come in handy to take group pictures, too. It’s also a great alternative to light up the room with warm light since ring lights have warm, cool and middle lighting modes.


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