7 Essential Herbs You Must Carry While Travelling

February 24, 2021

Whether it’s a road trip to the next city or a trip overseas, it’s always good to be prepared. Our bodies tend to function differently under new surroundings. The reactions may be mild or severe, depending on the present conditions, among other factors.

Traveling comes with a host of issues like stomach upset, insomnia, migraines, nausea, and so on. On the bright side, there are natural solutions for each of these and other travel problems.

Thanks to natural herbs and their related products, it’s easier to solve problems that may emerge during a trip. Here are essential herbs that you must never miss in your travel bag.


Carrying ginger as one of your most essential travel herbs does have its fair share of benefits. One of them is that it leaves your travel bag smelling fresh and keeps funny odors at bay.

Ginger is a unique herb that performs multiple functions, including providing relief to weary travelers. It’s a requirement for those who tend to experience motion sickness while traveling.

When traveling in a car, sit next to an open window and let the combination of fresh air and dry ginger take their positive effects. Ginger also comes in other forms, such as capsules and even syrups.

You can chew them an hour or two before your trip if traveling on a plane. This helps in helping your body stay alert throughout the journey. Be consistent in your consumption of this herb for useful and timely results.



Since Kratom is a controversial herb, you may want to research how to travel safely with it. It’s been embraced over the years in the treatment of specific ailments and conditions.

However, traveling with Canada Kratom by car is better and less complicated compared to flight. You can chew it throughout your trip and watch it work its magic on your system.

Kratom has multiple benefits when you use it during your trips. As much as traveling is a leisurely activity, it tends to put excessive strain on the muscles in most cases. Kratom wields the much-needed benefit of relaxing your muscles during your journey.

A simpler alternative to chewing is to carry Kratom powder. Mix it with mineral water and slowly sip on it as you try to relax.


Peppermint is a versatile herb that’s come a long way since its discovery. Like other herbs, it comes in many forms and allows you the privilege of choosing the one which works for you.

When it comes to travel, peppermint does not disappoint but always gives its very best. Most travelers experience headaches before, during, and after their trips, and being prepared means having some form of peppermint packed in your travel bag in case of emergencies.

For headaches, use peppermint oil to soothe and calm your nerves. Pour a few drops on the palms of your hands, rub them together and then massage your temples slowly to ease the tension and pain.



As much as travel is fun and educative, it comes with many effects that may be difficult for our bodies to adapt to. The likes of jet lag, motion sickness, loss of appetite are but a few of the notorious effects we should expect.

Thanks to the existence and discovery of Ashwagandha, travel has become the luxurious and leisurely activity it’s meant to be. It’s an ancient herb that helps your body manage the stress it encounters during long trips.

It also targets the brain and helps it function accordingly, even amid stressful conditions. It reduces the alarming levels of anxiety and stress, especially during takeoffs and landings.

Ashwagandha helps in increasing and maintaining physical strength.

Cinnamon Bark

Like Hingwashtak Churna, Cinnamon is a reliable aid for digestion jitters caused by travel. It also helps in the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

It’s also suitable for your circulatory system as it increases the flow of blood around the body. This improves the level of oxygen in your blood and keeps you in the best position to travel.


Holy Basil Leaf

Holy Basil herbs are purely natural and help in keeping your moods positive throughout the journey. It also caters to your emotional well-being and leaves you at peace as you enjoy the trip.

It generally helps balance the stress that comes with trying to balance work and other spheres of life. Add a few drops to your mineral water, carry it in your travel bag and sip it occasionally.

Lemon herb

It helps you stay calm even in the middle of a stressful trip. Lemon herb exists in powder form, balm, and many others. Packing lemon as an essential herb assures you of the utmost relaxation and peace. What’s more, it improves your concentration if you’re trying to get some work done in the middle of a flight.


Final Thoughts

The herbs listed above bring the zest and fun back to travel. Embracing them each time you’re about to go on a trip will make traveling more of a leisurely activity than a chore.


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